Maximizing your van’s interior for optimal storage
Work vehicles are key to working on-site for general contractors. Good work vans are also expensive, which is why it’s important to maximize your vehicle’s features and offerings to get the most out of your investment. One of the most efficient ways to maximize the space inside your work van is with an upfit. Upfits enhance your vehicle’s efficiency with products like partitions, ladder racks, and storage modules. There are a variety of van interiors available on the market today. If you visit a tradeshow for contractors, you’ll see several big names offering work van upfits. It can be overwhelming; where do you begin? We’ve designed a diagram to help general contractors organize their work vans. Check out the van diagram for easy organization. You can start with the Base Plus package, featuring ADseries Shelving, and add van accessories as you need them. The van diagram breaks down your van into 5 zones. Evaluate each zone to determine the van accessories you need.


The above diagram helps general contractors organize their work vans.

A van upfit is built around the partition. Don’t be tempted to skip the partition; it’s an essential piece of equipment for a number of reasons:
Safety: The partition separates the cab from the cargo, creating a wall between the driver and the tools and equipment in the back of his van. It keeps the cargo from shifting into the cab during transport, should heavy tools or items move while the van is in motion.
Storage: Accessories are easily mounted on the partition, increasing organization cargoside. The driver is able to store documents, emergency equipment, and more in storage items attached to the partition.
Climate control: The driver is able to cool or heat the cab more quickly and easily with a partition to block the cargo area.


Shelving increases the working space in your vehicle when it’s designed specifically for the vehicle you drive and is installed professionally. Other features include the knockout at the base of the shelving, which allows you to carry flat cargo, like sheet metal.


Ladder racks not only maximize your storage space, they also help extend the life of expensive ladders.
Increase storage space: Utilize the space on top of your van by installing a ladder rack. Several varieties of racks are available, each created to make it easy to transport ladders or other cargo.
Keep ladders off the floor: You invest significantly in your ladders, so why throw them on the floor? A ladder rack offers durable storage for your costly equipment.
Transport ladders securely: Ensure your ladders are secure by storing them properly in a ladder rack.


The amount of tools, parts, and equipment that you need to haul is easily handled with additional storage items, such as cabinets, drawers, modules, and workbenches.
Heavy-duty steel storage cabinets are excellent for van organization. Cabinets provide ample storage space for items you want to keep secure. Lockable cabinets offer protection for tools or other items you don’t want accessible to others.Cabinet lockers offer secure storage for expensive tools or parts. Reversible locker doors allow for door opening flexibility. Added security is offered with feature locked recessed tee-handles. Locker cabinets taper from front to back in depth at top and bottom, for more aisle space. Shelves are removable. Another popular storage item is plastic bins. Bins create storage and separation of small parts, and make them easy to see at a glance. Van accessories offer additional ways to stay organized and increase storage space. Accessories include: cargo straps, touch-up paint, hard hat holder, reel holder, door kits, and much more.


Custom van upfits and cargo management solutions make it easy to maximize the space inside and outside your van. Interiors designed specifically for general contractors offer flexibility with adjustable shelving and drop dividers that can be configured as needed, both now and in the future. A well-designed upfit will also include things like locking shelf door kits and drawer units.


Your business will not grow if you don’t market it, plain and simple. A great way to do this is with a vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap is an excellent way to market your business 24/7, and for a general contractor, that’s important.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, MAY 2014
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