A brand new online platform that connects equipment buyers and vendors launches. Equiphunter.com is a custom-built online platform that provides construction equipment buyers with a one-stop request for quote (RFQ) solution that can save them both time and money. The free to use website enables buyers to submit their new and used equipment needs via a simple online form and receive customized quotes from registered vendors. Buyers can view and compare the quotes in their dedicated dashboard and contact their chosen vendor to complete the sale.

Buyers benefit from a convenient one-time submission of their requirements and can expect to receive a minimum of 3 quotes within 7 days from leading manufacturers, dealers, and resellers. Vendors have access to a dynamic quote submission tool that enables high levels of personalization, including the addition of videos, photos, specification sheets, freight costs, additional fees, and more. Equipment buyers and vendors can now sign up for a free account at www.equiphunter.com.