A drone’s view of a 65-acre warehouse facility in Hamburg, New York, on the shores of Lake Erie. CTS Contracting removed roughly 200,000 cubic yards of earth.

InSite Software’s latest takeoff software, Elevation Pro, has brought earthwork takeoff and GPS machine control modeling to a whole new level. This new software improves accuracy, reduces risk, and stream-lines communication with field staff, all while significantly cutting down the time it takes estimators to perform takeoffs and create GPS machine control models.

According to Steve Warfle, president and chief product officer for InSite Software, “Elevation Pro is a totally new software product that revolutionizes the sitework sector. Our development team worked with customer focus groups, industry partners, and studied the competitive landscape to identify the essential features that modern earthwork estimators need to increase production and minimize the wages spent on takeoff and modeling.”

Elevation Pro debuted to a receptive industry at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023 in Las Vegas this past March. Prior to exhibiting, the trade show recognized InSite Software by announcing them as a candidate for the Next Level Award. The award celebrates companies that are developing next-level products, technologies, and services to advance the construction industry.


Elevation Pro offers the fastest takeoff solution in the industry. By speeding up the takeoff process, estimators can bid on more jobs with confidence, save time, and improve accuracy. With its advanced tools and features, Elevation Pro allows estimators to work with multiple data sources simultaneously, including CAD, PDF, drone, and Google Earth. When you takeoff items from one document, it automatically updates across all other documents to prevent errors and double counting.

It provides better communication to other contractors, team members, and engineering firms by exporting CAD and PDF files, improving workflows through docking workspace panels, and providing faster results with less training.

The software generates precise graphics and reports for all takeoff items. This is crucial when estimators encounter quantity disputes, giving them the evidence needed to prove their numbers. 

Other notable features of Elevation Pro include Vector selection for all data entry, innovative cut and fill with contours, and Dynamic Site Balancer for value engineering. 

Moreover, InSite Elevation Pro can export KMZ files to third-party mapping applications like Google Earth and Map Plus, with up-to-the-minute jobsite data. Original PDF or CAD file data can be overlaid with cut and fill contours, subgrades, stripping regions, or area/length takeoff before export.

Work from multiple data sources simultaneously using a coordinated cursor across all open workspaces.


Scott Simon is a project manager/estimator for CTS Contracting; he has been performing takeoffs for more than three decades.  CTS Contracting is a civil site development company, taking on projects from moving dirt to utilities, asphalt paving and demolition, and has been an InSite Software customer since 2006. According to Simon, “Elevation Pro dramatically speeds up takeoff and model building.” He spends half the time doing takeoffs for bidding purposes and about three-quarters of the time building models when compared to the previous version.

The new software features quick key commands, more CAD features, and tools that make it easier and faster to use compared to other software options. 


To create reliable GPS models, it is crucial to create accurate vector-based takeoffs. These models are critical for implementing machine control systems, which can automate various construction tasks and enable employees to focus on other duties. This approach reduces the need for labor while ensuring that the project stays on schedule.

“To effectively utilize technology in construction, models need to be highly precise and accurate. We rely heavily on this technology and seldom require physical staking on our jobsites. We operate multiple machines, including four dozers, three excavators, and a grader, using machine control. Avoiding the need for physical staking saves us a considerable amount of time”, says Simon. 

Elevation Pro creates GPS machine control and staking files easily without the complexity and necessity of a CAD program. The data can be downloaded to any data collector including CAT, Komatsu, Leica, Topcon, Trimble, and other GPS systems.

Elevation Pro’s exclusive Cut & Fill Contours Map provides advance planning tools and indisputable quantity validation.


InSite Software is not only a superior product but also affordable. InSite Software uses a subscription-based model to minimize upfront costs. They also offer training classes each week and seven-day-per-week technical support. Simon says, “When it comes to cost, speed, accuracy, and ease of use, none compare to InSite Software.”

Simon also sends InSite Software company files from time to time. “I have requested they look at a couple changes here and there. I either get someone on the phone right away or they call me back quickly. They are always open to looking at and considering requests,” said Simon. “I know they are constantly working to improve the software and make it even better.”


According to Warfle, the team behind Elevation Pro listened carefully to their customers and challenged themselves to create a better solution. As innovators and industry leaders, they were not afraid to start over and rethink the entire process to create a more accurate and cost-saving earthwork takeoff and GPS modeling solution.

The result is Elevation Pro, a software solution that offers the fastest takeoff solution in the industry, saves time, and improves accuracy. The company’s willingness to start over and create a better solution reflects their passion for innovation and excellence in the construction industry.

About the Author:

For more than 30 years, InSite Software has provided earthwork takeoff and construction estimating software for the excavation, general contracting, and engineering industries. InSite Software continues to expand its product offerings to meet the growing productivity needs of these industries. For more information, visit www.insitesoftware.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions, July 2023
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