EarthCam, the leader in live camera technology, content and services, at Autodesk University introduces its which uses an onsite, wireless, solar-powered sensor array to detect and calculate 16 points of Live Weather Service, weather and environmental data. This data is combined with NOAA observed conditions and radar maps to create precise, localized microclimate information—far more accurate than regional forecasts alone can provide.

Live jobsite camera imagery is overlaid with accurate, straightforward weather data to create a complete environmental record for the lifetime of each project. Project managers now have a searchable archive of activity at each location, with the added context of easy-to-read graphical weather visuals.

The construction industry increasingly experiences weather events that lead to delays or disputes, and needs to be proactive when potentially unsafe conditions require work cessation or emergency response. Relying entirely on local regional forecasting is risky for projects that are in remote locations, as the closest forecast data relates to a location that is many miles away from the jobsite. For more, visit