What goes up, must come down, and that includes tools and equipment. When performing construction work at height, fall prevention is critical, but so is dropped-object prevention. Accidentally dropped tools or supplies can cause serious injury as well as damage to property, which is why fall-restraint companies develop innovative safety solutions. Ensuring the safety of employees and equipment is paramount for health, productivity, and regulatory compliance. 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), anyone is at risk from falling objects when standing beneath cranes, scaffolds, etc., or wherever overhead work is being performed. Injuries can range from minor abrasions to concussions, blindness, or death.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Standards, employers must provide a fall protection system and falling object protection.

To prevent injury, OSHA advises:

  • Secure tools and materials to prevent them from falling on people below.
  • Barricade hazard areas and post warning signs.
  • Use toe-boards, screens, or guardrails on scaffolds to prevent falling objects, or,
  • Use debris nets, catch platforms, or canopies to catch or deflect falling objects.

To address the concerns of securing tools during commercial construction, Guardian Fall focused on its dropped-object prevention products at this year’s World of Concrete.

Shelbi Bryant, product manager, says, “I am excited to showcase Guardian’s full line of dropped object prevention products here at World of Concrete 2024. We proudly offer a variety of solutions to fit any need and work closely with our customers to ensure proper usage and comprehensive training.”

Guardian’s full lineup of drop-prevention equipment includes cold shrink tool attachments, which conform tightly to the handle shape of the tool, as well as traditional tool tethers, and the Quick-Switch system. 

The patented Quick-Switch is a hands-free tool tether system that streamlines the secure transfer of tools when working at heights without the need to disconnect the tool from an anchor. Workers remain in full control of the tool with the 100-percent Tie-Off, the mechanical lock fitting multiple tools so they can switch each tool’s connection from belts to wrists and between hands.

This system offers a range of customizable accessories that enable workers to adjust their safety gear according to what works best for their applications. To secure fasteners, small tools, and other supplies, workers can utilize a tethered bag, bolt pouch, or tool bucket. To secure individual tools, choose from a variety of connection solutions, from the cold-strap handle wraps to D-rings or loops that attach to the handle ends, which keep the strap away from the tools’ grip area. PPE tethers are available for hard hats and gloves, and retractable tethers are handy for strap management. 

Werner Co., one of the industry’s leading ladder manufacturers, also offers a line of drop safety equipment featuring a variety of tool tethers. Among the Werner innovations are a tape-measure jacket, a drill jacket, and even a smartphone jacket, all of which can be attached to a harness to help protect equipment, property, and the workers below by providing a secure connection between the tools and the workers at height.

Construction contractors with an eye on safety should explore the full suite of drop-prevention offerings available to accommodate the diverse tools used on construction jobsites.

For More Information:

For more on Guardian Fall, visit www.guardianfall.com. For more on Werner Co., visit www.wernerco.com

Modern Contractor Solutions, February 2024
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