Diablo Tools, which offers a solution-oriented range of best-in-the-world, best-for-our-world products for the professional user, reinvents the metal cutting industry again with an unmatched line of Cermet saw blades designed for extreme durability, longer life, and faster cuts in metals and stainless steel. A perfect fit for cordless and corded saws, the Steel Demon™ Cermet blade features an exclusive, innovative design that delivers up to 25X longer life, 50X cooler cuts, and 10X faster cuts versus standard abrasive cut off discs—a groundbreaking design that is redefining the metal cutting industry. Diablo offers a full range of Steel Demon™ Cermet blades for thin, medium, and thick metals and stainless steels ranging in diameters from 5-3/8-inches to 14-inches. Diablo Cermet blades are available now wherever Diablo products are sold—including The Home Depot and independent retailers. For more, visit diablosohotitscool.com