For over half a century, Demco has used the phrase “Doing Our Best to Provide You the Best” to describe our commitment to customers, suppliers, coworkers, and management. Our commitment to the construction industry is no exception. Side dump and drop deck trailers have been a boon in the construction industry for decades, providing drivers, companies, and workers with an easy way to move heavy loads of materials wherever they need to go. 

Demco uses patented designs to take its side dump trailers a step further and build each one with innovative pivot mounts, additional outer structural support, and increased strength in the tub for long-lasting, efficient dumping and transport. Demco’s FlexCorner  design allows for flexibility to maintain the structural integrity of the tub and eliminates cracking. Demco Side Dump trailers have the lowest center of gravity in the industry. The bottom of the tub sits inside and below the top of the chassis frame rails. The lower tub increases stability when pulling and cornering and the tires stay grounded when dumping, getting you in and out of the jobsite quickly and safely. 

Besides being a sound design for heavier load purposes, Demco drop deck trailers feature patented designs that make hauling materials easier, faster, and safer. A big part of this is its all-steel built construction, which means you’ll be getting a trailer built from sturdy steel that can handle 68,000 – 77,000 lbs of weight depending on the trailer you use. Demco offers a variety of trailer axles and types so you can pick which one is best for the work you need to do. This includes tandem and triple axles that range from 40 ft to 53 ft. To further customize your choices, you’ll be able to choose the kind of suspension your trailer needs, whether that’s closed suspension, spread suspension or triple-axle suspension.

You can rely on high grade steel materials and conveniently crafted trailers that make transportation, construction, and business easier. Shop for exactly what you want online with the reassurance that you’re getting quality equipment that can keep up with your business needs.   

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