Demco Manufacturing of Boyden, Iowa, and Spencer, Iowa, has a variety of trailers for all your hauling needs. Demco offers drop deck trailers to move your heavy equipment in and out of the jobsite and a full line of Demco Side Dump trailers for your dirt work and moving needs. These side dump trailers are perfect for rubble removal as well. Demco also has a full line of gondola trailers that can be used for anything from holding the site debris to collecting the valuable scrap that is generated during demolition. 


Demco’s drop deck trailers come in a variety of sizes and combinations. These are available in spread and closed axle configurations in both spring and air ride models. These trailers range in length from 40 ft to 53 ft. Some of the more popular models include: the 48 ft-5 ft beaver tail with triple ramps, the triple ramps and triple axles trailers, the straight 53 ft in either tandem or triple axles, or just the simple 40 ft trailer. 

The Demco Side Dump trailer is known for its strength and capacity in a smaller frame. Through design innovation, we are able to haul more yards and weight in our 34 ft tub than the majority of 36 ft, 37 ft, and 38 ft tubs on the market. These high capacities also carry over to our 37 ft tubs on the larger models. The Demco Side Dump is offered in models of all shapes and sizes. These range from the 2-axle standard duty with a 75 K GVW capacity, up to the 5-axle heavy duty trailer with an 85 GVW capacity. Demco also offers a variety of lift and steerable axle configurations. These trailers are built with superior strength and reliability for even the most rigorous jobsite. 

The Demco Side Dump also offers user-friendly features not commonly found on the competition’s trailers. Demco offers the directional dump system with two points of contact on the driver’s side. This not only saves time, but provides safety to drivers on the jobsite. 


In 2018, Demco added the redesigned “train” configurations to the side dump trailers. By updating this proven design, they are able to offer the best performance on the market. Watch for updates as the new designs become available. 


Demco offers Gondola trailers ranging in lengths from 40 ft to 53 ft and wall height from 3 ft to 8 ft. They offer a variety of axle options: 2 and 3 axles with both front and rear axle lifts available. These trailers are made with Hardox steel and are designed to withstand the day to day stress of the construction site or scrap industry. You will not find a superior trailer for these needs. 


Demco, as a company, has evolved over the years and so have its products. Changing to meet customer’s needs in the ever-changing construction environment, the quality of their products, and outstanding after-sale support, prove Demco’s commitment to the success of their customers.