Managing cost and supply challenges while producing a quality product is especially difficult today for the concrete industry. Cresset Chemical Company has a solution in its newest innovation for concrete forming and casting—Platinum® 727, a versatile, low-cost synthetic release agent suitable for all types of form and formliner materials used in site cast and precast projects from high-end architectural to infrastructure, above and below ground.


Powered by Cresset’s proprietary, economical and eco-friendly Platinum technology, this line of low-odor synthetic release agents delivers superior concrete surfaces, holding even fine detail. Cresset’s Platinum line of release agents complies with the EPA and OSHA guidelines and rules for low VOC use and worker exposure including California’s strict South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) requirements. All of Cresset’s release agents are SCAQMD and Prop 65 compliant; Prop 65 is a California law that prohibits the use of cancer-causing ingredients. 

As a custom-engineered synthetic product, Cresset Platinum can be applied at a lower volume than oil-based products for a lower cost with better control and better results. It is formulated to perform well in temperature extremes, and for use with all mixes including UHPC, superplasticizer, and self-consolidating concrete (SCC) mixes. 


Cresset Platinum 880-VOC was selected as the release agent used in the construction of the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, site of Super Bowl LVI and home to the NFL Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers football teams, along with the annual NCAA LA Bowl college football game.

SOFI Stadium is an engineering marvel. The steel and concrete bowl structure uses 37 earthquake-resistant blade columns rising as high as 100 feet from grade. These hold up the 13-acre stadium roof, which is open on three sides. Every column has two anchors that overlap each other to form a giant concrete web supporting the one-million-square-foot roof that weighs more than 5 million pounds. 3,300 slabs of concrete form the stadium stands. 

The stadium has won a number of industry awards for its design, including “Outstanding Architectural Engineering Project” of 2021 by the American Society of Civil Engineers and “Stadium of the Year” in StadiumDB’s Jury Award—the first time in history that a stadium from the USA has been named “Stadium of the Year”.

Cresset products have been used in the construction of Apple Headquarters, Cupertino, California; One World Trade Center, New York; Natchez Trace Bridge (first double arch precast bridge in North America), Tennessee; and many other high-profile projects.


Innovation was at the start of Cresset Chemical Company in 1946. The founders chose the name “cresset” to represent their new company. As a cresset is a torch that lights the way, the founders wanted the firm to lead with quality and provide value for customers, to be innovative and proactive.

The new company launched with a pH-neutral hand cleaner developed by co-founder Dr. Joseph A. Baty, a chemist who saw laborers’ hands ravaged by working with concrete. It is still sold and known today as Sol-Zol®

Cresset’s first product continues to clean and soothe work-sore hands. This was the start of Cresset manufacturing a range of specific purpose products developed for the unique needs of the concrete industry.

The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, marked a turning point for environmentalism. Cresset used that decade to formulate construction chemicals made with 100% virgin ingredients that didn’t pollute air or waterways.


That commitment to a sustainable future continues today. Cresset manufactures and delivers a range of specific purpose products including release agents, form treatments, cures, seals, and application equipment developed to meet the demand for supreme surface finishes, while using environmentally friendly products and processes to meet escalating regulations.

In addition to the Platinum synthetic release agents, Cresset offers water-based and vegetable-based release agents with virtually no VOC content. Crete-Lease® Bio-Tru® All Xtra is an architectural quality bio-based release agent certified Bio-Preferred by USDA.

Spatter-Cote®, another essential product in Cresset’s offerings for concrete construction, protects all the tools, equipment, and vehicles used on a jobsite from concrete spatter and makes cleanup easy. A thin layer of Spatter-Cote sprayed on any clean surface before the job allows an easy hose-off of any residual concrete afterward. Spatter-Cote can save hours of cleanup time.

Cresset is a member of PCI, NPCA, APA, ACI, CPCI, and CSI, working with concrete producers, planners, and distribution partners in providing consultation and progressive solutions for their concrete construction projects.

Cresset Chemical formulations and equipment are available from a wide range of authorized distributors in North America. Cresset provides a range of support options for its chemical products and application equipment ranging from training, in-plant technical support, phone support, and its CCS (Cresset Concrete Standards) booklet—a photographic guide to a preferred visual impact of concrete surfaces. This guide is helpful in getting key stakeholders (owner, architect/engineer, contractor) to understand and agree on the desired surface result.


Professionals in the concrete industry can work on continuing education and professional training requirements by taking the Cresset Chemical course available at no charge at Hanley Wood University. On YouTube, free training videos in English and Spanish are on the Cresset Chemical channel. 

For More Information:

For more information about Cresset Platinum® 727 and the Platinum® release agent line, visit, or call 800.367.2020 (USA & Canada).

Modern Contractor Solutions, April 2022
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