Crane Industry Services, LLC (CIS) in partnership with CM Labs Simulations, expands simulation training for cranes, earthmoving equipment, and maritime and port equipment.

CIS designed a new simulation training and demo room located at the CIS Centered on Safety Training Center in the Atlanta area. The showroom features a variety of portable and full-scale models with operator seats and controls. 

The simulation training and demo room will open in July with a variety of Vortex simulators, including the Vortex Advantage full immersion 5-display system, and the Vortex Edge Plus, an affordable desktop simulator that is ideal for introductory training. 

Simulators provide the most cost-effective way to train groups of new operators or to keep skills sharp. Employers interested in exploring how simulators can be used for in-house employee evaluation, qualification, and training can schedule a demo with CIS and CM Labs. In addition, Vortex simulators are available for purchase from CIS. For more, visit