Innovative material placing equipment, that’s what Conveyor Application Systems (CAS) specializes in. In today’s working environment, equipment that creates efficiencies, reduces labor and overhead costs, and gets the work done in record time, is worth its weight in gold, CAS black and gold. Whatever the application, if you move material, you should own CAS material placing equipment. Made in the USA! 

At CAS, it’s always about performance. We build On-Road slingers like our CAS FatBoy. With capacities that range from 22 to 45 yards, production rates of 2-4 yards a minute and up to 150 ft of placing distance, the ability to bulk offload, and overall performance that is unmatched in the industry. The CAS FatBoy is the future of slinger trucks. Unlike traditional slingers the FatBoy has a 32-inch wide zero-degree feed floor, 16-inch wide placing conveyor, and a nearly vertical triple walled Hardox Steel box. What does all this mean? It means, you can place more material in less time, it’s safer to drive with its lower center of gravity, volumes of material effortlessly flow with precision placement, and its versatility allows you to keep it working all the time. 

We also build Off-Road Slingers. Our flagship model for more than a decade has been our AT7. This unmanned, remote-controlled, all-terrain slinger offers innovation, durability, and performance that is only limited by the owner’s imagination. The AT7 is 4-wheel drive with a 12-ft footprint; it has independent 4-wheel drive, crab steering, and the ability climb a 3:1 slope. The AT7’s speed and agility to navigate off-road terrain allow its owner to create material placement efficiencies most people only dream about. As fast as you can load its 7-yard hopper, the AT7 can place a variety of materials (beach sand to 6-inch stone) up to 150 ft with precision and at production rates of up to 1,500+ yards a day with one operator and one piece of equipment.

CAS material placing equipment—Increase your bottom line today.