Command Alkon, the leading software and solutions provider bringing together technology and people for the heavy building industry, is now offering its customers a Customer Portal solution. Designed for both Android and IOS, Customer Portal can elevate your customer experience by streamlining order management and providing visibility to delivery statuses. 

“Customer Portal enables your customers to create, manage, and track their orders 24 hours a day while dramatically reducing unnecessary phone calls,” says Ranjeev Teelock, chief product officer at Command Alkon. “Customers gain real-time visibility into their orders and deliveries through a cloud-based mobile application; helping you, to help your customers.”

Users can place orders directly to dispatch from a phone or tablet and have insight into when the truck leaves the plant and truck location throughout the delivery process to improve planning and utilization while reducing customer friction. Customer experience is elevated through instant, reliable data sharing and transparency, while phone calls and two-way online messaging volume is dramatically reduced. Soon, users will have the ability to expedite payment collection with integrated invoicing, reconciliation, and credit card processing. For more, visit