Hey Coach, 

I think I do a pretty good job of setting and achieving project goals, but I admit I’m not good with goals for myself. I tend to focus on work and don’t take time to make personal goals. My supervisor has been encouraging me to make a greater effort. How can I set up and enjoy success with my personal goals?  

Dear‭ ‬Goals for Gord‭,‬

I’m‭ ‬pleased to hear you do a good job with your project goals‭. ‬I’m also pleased that your supervisor is paying attention to your well-being‭. ‬It’s great you‮’‬re being encouraged to pursue goals in your personal life‭. ‬If more supervisors did that with their teams‭, ‬they would experience less turnover and more satisfaction‭. ‬Consider the following advice and tips‭:


First, think about the categories of goals that are important to you personally. Examples might be a professional development goal, a career advancement goal, a financial goal, a dream vacation goal, or even a major purchase goal such as a new truck or a bigger home. Next, select the category that is most important to you, then be both realistic and specific in establishing your goal or goals. The clearer you can state them, the more achievable they become. By being specific, you will be able to take the actions necessary to accomplish them. 


Be serious:

I find most people don’t have goals. Many of them want goals, but they don’t know how to create meaningful ones, so they just don’t bother. Others don’t see the value in them. Think about the opportunities being missed because of misplaced, unmeasured, or undefined goals. Always state your goals in writing to ensure you’ve thought them through and they have substance. 

Be focused:

Keep your goals visible to serve as a constant reminder of what you’ve set out to accomplish. Eliminate distractions. Everyone has a different set of distractions and only you know what distracts you. Be diligent in identifying what they are and make necessary changes to achieve that discipline of focus.

Be committed:

Ensure your calendar is in alignment with achieving your goals. That means most of your time should be spent on activities that contribute toward completing them. Do not confuse action with busy work. It’s good to be busy but always on the right things!


Do not allow complacency to creep into what it takes to achieve your goals. Regularly track your progress toward meeting them; adjust if necessary. If you get behind, create a plan for getting back on track. Once you’re on track, find a way to celebrate the win.


Always remember; the importance of enjoying your work and enjoying your life. Especially given the hectic pace of busy construction work, don’t let either get out of balance. Goals can help you maintain the delicate balance. 

About the Coach:

As a leadership development expert, Randy Goruk works with construction industry leaders to improve employee engagement and business growth. Register to receive his Leadership Tip of the Week at www.LeadersEdge360.com, or contact him directly to learn how he can help you and your team: randy@LeadersEdge360.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions, December 2021
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