Curran Young Construction discusses the jobsite on an iPad.
Chris Curran, CEO of Curran Young Construction (in the reflective vest), receives information in real time to manage operations.

Construction firm builds success on innovative cloud ERP technology

In the construction industry, the term “innovative technology” may conjure up images of external operation technologies, such as building information modeling (BIM), 3D printing, or drones. Exciting, but not the only innovative technologies that construction firms need to remain competitive in today’s market. The often-ignored back-office system, and the technology used to manage it are becoming the prime factors in the success of modern construction companies.


Curran Young Construction, a progressive general contracting firm out of Southwest Florida, is a perfect example of a modern company that believes best-in-class construction services requires best-in-class back-office technology. Founders Chris Curran and Bruce Young searched for innovative software that would allow them to scale quickly without constant upgrades or a huge hardware investment. They found what some might consider “tried-and-true” construction software systems, also known as legacy systems, and realized that many in the construction industry were (and still are) mired in the paper-based and labor-intensive back-office practices of the past.

“For the most part, it’s still a bricks and sticks industry run on Excel,” says Curran, CEO. “Instead of examining fundamentals to create greater efficiencies, most firms still get through with grit.”

The idea of just getting through is not the hallmark of a thriving construction company. As such, the founders recognized their need of cloud construction software. They partnered with construction management software experts Alliance Solutions Group, LLC, to find a cloud ERP solution that met their high expectations of customized reporting, intuitive interfaces, seamless third-party integrations, and most importantly, enhanced mobility for accessing and sharing project information anytime, anywhere.

Alliance Solutions Group recommended Curran Young Construction build their technology foundation on Acumatica Construction Edition, a relative newcomer to the construction industry.

After evaluating Acumatica’s modern, end-to-end construction software, Young, the company’s president, considered the choice a clear and logical one. “Being cloud-based takes away the necessity of having servers and infrastructure and their associated operating costs.”

Curran Young Construction
Chris Curran, CEO of Curran Young Construction (in the reflective vest), receives information in real-time to manage operations.


Construction accounting software offers construction firms a healthy return on investment (ROI). Unlike on-premises, legacy systems, cloud ERP software offers extraordinary flexibility in terms of lower up-front costs based on a monthly subscription. It also provides lower ongoing maintenance costs, easy access, and multiple deployment options. Curran Young Construction, having made the switch to the cloud, has benefitted from total control over licensing, the addition of users at no extra cost (licensing is based on resource usage), data storage wherever they desire, and upgrades on their schedule.

The Curran Young Construction team can now gather and analyze their project information in one central location with real-time visibility, which has resulted in faster, better decisions for the firm. Easily accessed dashboards—from the office or out in the field via any mobile device—provide revenue, cost, and commitment data when they need it. This mobility also extends their communication with specialty applications and their customers. Young says using mobile devices is ingrained in everything they do, and they “refused” to pick any software that didn’t allow them to connect with their mobile devices.

Implementing cloud construction software has resulted in Curran Young Construction experiencing increased efficiency, integrated functionality, and complete synchronization.


Bottom line for construction firms in today’s market: The industry and its technology are evolving, and if companies don’t jump on board, they may face negative, business-altering consequences, including loss of business to the competition.

Like Curran Young Construction, implementing a modern construction ERP solution can help manage opportunities, contracts, schedules, budgets, change orders, subcontractors, workflows, and compliance needs from a central location. Same goes for financial, customer relationship management, and project cost tracking requirements.


Change can be hard but necessary if construction firms want to remain solvent. Changing years of lackluster adoption of innovative back-office technology by the construction industry is not why Curran Young Construction chose Acumatica Construction Edition but being an example of a modern, thriving construction company utilizing innovative technology has been an added benefit.

About the author:

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy is the vice president of product solutions for Acumatica. Ajoy has more than 15 years of experience in the industry in technical, marketing, and leadership roles.

Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2019
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