ClearSpan is an awarded contract holder of Sourcewell and can offer its municipal customers cooperative purchasing. With Sourcewell, municipalities are able to save time and money by working directly with ClearSpan through a simple purchase order process, while satisfying all local and state procurement regulations. This allows local governments to get a structural solution quickly and when they need it most.

Sourcewell, formerly NJPA, is a municipal contracting agency. They’re able to provide members with beneficial purchasing contracts under the guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law. Members of Sourcewell have access to an extensive database, which extends beyond just buildings, of approved venders and suppliers. The program allows municipalities to save significant time and money on many of the projects they implement throughout the year. 

Working with Sourcewell was a natural choice for ClearSpan, who has been providing custom and turnkey building solutions to municipalities and local governments for more than 40 years. While ClearSpan has become synonymous with sand and salt storage buildings, they also have built hundreds of municipal storage structures, recreational facilities, gyms, and much more. 

Local governments opt for ClearSpan’s structural solutions, because the structures inherently fit many of the factors they are looking for. Between the low cost per square foot, ability to reduce monthly utility expenses, and the option for stamped engineered drawings, it is easy for ClearSpan to get approved for government projects. 

ClearSpan Building Specialists work with each customer one on one to learn what they need out of a building, and they can offer stock building options or customize a building to suit even the most specific details and requirements. ClearSpan Building Specialists have extensive experience working on municipal projects, so they know the process and can offer invaluable advice. 

ClearSpan is a true one-stop shop, and they can outfit every building with all the needed tools and accessories. This allows customers to get a building that looks fantastic, while also providing superior functionality. ClearSpan manufactures each structure themselves, and they also offer in-house financing and installation services. This ensures each project is handled smoothly and efficiently. For more, visit