Off-road machinery is subjected to dust and debris that, in just a few hours, can bog down the equipment and render it less productive. Fuel consumption and downtime will increase, and the bottom line of any construction operation will be negatively impacted. By eliminating the need for operators to stop the equipment to clean out plugged radiators, the installation of a Cleanfix reversible fan will help maximize the machine’s productivity.

While delivering engine cooling equal to the machine’s standard fan, the Cleanfix replacement fan additionally provides powerful cleanout of dust and debris by reversing the airflow. The innovative Cleanfix design, by which the blades rotate through the cross position, ensures that not just the grille is cleaned off, but more importantly the cooler also. Other “reversing fan” systems rely on changing the rotational direction of the fan while the blade profile remains the same. This results in low pressure and highly turbulent reverse flow conditions. 

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