On February 1, 2024, Chevron announced the introduction of Rykon, a new calcium sulfonate complex-based grease. Designed for heavy-duty and extreme pressure applications, Rykon high-performance grease increases uptime and helps enhance durability for the next generation of equipment. This new grease also provides an alternative option to lithium-based thickeners, which have become expensive due to rising global demand.

“We are offering a new solution for high-pressure applications and ensuring customers have a high-performance grease when they need it,” says Zach Sutton, Chevron Lubricants industrial sector specialist. “As demand for raw materials grows, we remain committed to finding solutions like Rykon that will exceed the demands of machinery and equipment today and tomorrow.”

Rykon is designed to help increase equipment longevity, extend lubrication intervals, and reduce the total cost of equipment ownership. The overbased calcium sulfonate complex grease delivers outstanding oxidation and thermal stability with superior water performance to protect equipment from failures and downtime. Rykon also meets the demands of high pressure and shock loads, providing excellent wear protection under heavy loads and in high ambient temperatures. 

Rykon high-performance grease increases uptime and helps enhance durability for the next generation of equipment.

Rykon HD is used in demanding applications in wet environments, featuring a heavy viscosity that can provide better protection for higher loads and slower speeds in applications such as:

  • Off-Road Construction – These greases display outstanding water washout and spray-off resistance properties in wet, off-road environments and offer excellent shock-load extreme pressure (EP) protection. The unique additive technology makes them tenacious at adhering to the metal surfaces found in this industry while protecting vital components from rust and corrosion. Applications for the Rykon HD product include most types of heavy-duty earthmoving machinery, including tractors (dozers), excavators, backhoes, shovels, high lifts, articulated loaders, haul trucks, tri-axle dumps and more. Rykon greases are excellent for heavily loaded machine implement pins and bushings, and other applications operating in severe, high shock-load environments where metal-to-metal contact wear often occurs. Since Rykon greases are offered in 5-percent moly containing versions, they are also able to meet wide off-road OEM application ranges using one common product line, thus reducing field inventory.
  • Heavy Duty On/Off-Highway Road Construction and Maintenance Vehicles –  These products are well suited for greasing on/off-road, heavy-duty tri-axle dump trucks and cement mixers that also find their way off road as much as on. Rykon HD greases are an excellent choice for king pins, bushing and bucket pins, 5th wheels and other severe-duty applications found on these types of vehicles. They also meet Caterpillar recommendations for greases containing 5-percent molybdenum disulfide.
  • Light Duty Off-Road Vehicles – Whether the application is in logging, agriculture or utilities, these greases will perform. Use them in tractors, cherry pickers or any of a number of light-duty, off-road vehicles. Rykon greases are approved for the NLGI Certification Mark GC-LB.

Additional industries that stand to benefit from the new Rykon grease formulations include Farming and Agriculture; Paper and Forest Products; and Surface and Underground Mining and Quarry.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, February 2024
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