Carnie Cap offers the cutting edge in impalement protection combined with ease of installation, versatility, and cost savings compared with other rebar protective devices. Carnie Caps are national OSHA compliant, CA OSHA, and ME approved. Carnie Caps are designed to hold 2×4 or 2×6 pieces of lumber (double the thickness in CA) suspended above the exposed rebar. When a fall occurs, the force of the impact is distributed over the entire length and width of the lumber rather than the usual 16 square inches offered by other compliant rebar caps, making these caps extremely effective in preventing impalement.

The Carnie Caps are cost effective in several ways:

  • The Caps hold the lumber in place using only 2 Caps per 8 ft of rebar (3 caps/8 ft CA). This eliminates having to use one cap per each piece of rebar.
  • These caps are rarely knocked off, so neither money nor precious time will be wasted searching your jobsite for lost caps.
  • These caps are reusable for up to 2 years.

As for versatility:

  • The Carnie Cap system can be used in horizontal, vertical, or incline positions.
  • The company offers two sizes of caps. The 2×4 size works with rebar from size 4 through size 9 and the 2×6 size caps works with rebar from size 8 through 16. 

Carnie Caps are made in the USA and ship in boxes of 100 from Moline, Illinois, Monday through Friday. Ask about quantity specials. You can also access the website for additional information, such as local distributors in your area, installation instructions, and safety articles. Be sure to check out the company mission statement and policies. Around Carnie Cap, the new motto is “We are proudly preventing human shish-kebob!” 

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