Towmaster, Inc. trailers have a reputation for quality, durability, and aesthetics. This reputation has been earned over the years, but it doesn’t come cheap. Towmaster knows that in order to build a product that will last, you can’t cut corners. Towmaster starts by using American steel and quality components. The steel is cut and shaped with precision for easy fitment and repeatability, so whether the Towmaster trailer you buy is first off the line or last off the line, it’s always the same quality.
Working for Towmaster since 2009, Len Stulc, the company current president, has more than 39 years experience in the trailer manufacturing industry. Here’s what he had to say in a recent conversation.
How’s business for Towmaster, Inc.? Is it indicative of the construction industry overall?
STULC: Towmaster’s business has been growing steadily over the past few years. Since the economic downturn, Towmaster has put in place strategies and efficiencies to be able to do more with less. This streamlining has paid off and now Towmaster is able to hold its costs and pricing, and stay competitive in the marketplace. We are always expanding, whether it’s our brands, our product lines, or our markets. We are now filling the needs of more consumers than ever before.
What has influenced Towmaster and the products it offers?
STULC: Two things influence the products we build and offer: capabilities and market demand. As the market demands a certain product, we take a look at the pros and cons of filling that demand, and whether or not we have the equipment or manpower to fill that need. We understand our capabilities, and through sales and production meetings, we decide if the market need will give us a return on our investment. If it makes sense, we will pursue it; if not, we look for other markets that we know we can fulfill.
How does Towmaster add benefit for the contractor?
STULC: Towmaster builds products that are durable. If a contractor invests in a Towmaster product, they are assured of a trailer that will last them a long time, spreading that cost over a longer period helps the contractor’s bottom line. Towmaster’s Limited Lifetime Warranty reflects that, as well as our repeat buyers.
What is your forward outlook for the construction industry? For Towmaster?
STULC: There is a growing need for many forms of construction, including road repairs, new roads, commercial building, new homes, and landscaping. Towmaster is here to stay, and here to fill the needs of equipment hauling for all areas of construction, rental, utility, and more. If there’s one trailer you can count on, it’s Towmaster. ■
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Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2013
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