Brokk launches Brokk Connect 2.0, the next step in the online platform for connected Brokk robots that was launched earlier this year. This version includes several new features, such as a sophisticated geofencing function, user customization of the platform, and a weekly status report that helps Brokk owners to stay up to date on their fleet’s status. Most importantly, with Brokk Connect 2.0, the service is now available all over Europe and North America. 

Announced in February 2021, Brokk Connect has been available in three pilot markets. With the release of Brokk Connect 2.0, it is now available to Brokk customers throughout Europe and North America. Brokk’s solution includes both hardware and software that are unique to meet the specific requirements of the operation and management of demolition robots. To provide the best coverage and always-on operation, the robots are connected over the mobile network. For more, visit