Advanced Concrete Screeds delivers quality tools for a smooth flat surface

by Donna Campbell

Advanced Concrete Screeds exhibited at World of Concrete earlier this year and showcased its Black Beauty and Silver Beauty heavy-duty consolidating power screeds. The company focuses solely on these two machines. Both are powered by the Honda GX35 1.5 hp engine and use equilateral triangle screed bars. The Black Beauty, as a single machine, can power screed bars up to a 20-feet long. The Silver Beauty can power screed bars up to 14 feet in length. The Silver Beauty weighs 4 pounds less than the Black Beauty. Both machines are designed with the professional flat work finisher in mind.

What makes the Black Beauty and Silver Beauty power screeds exceptional?

If you are a concrete contractor, you know the importance of each step of the process needed to achieve a flat surface void of air pockets. Getting the concrete surface flat and well consolidated at the screeding step makes the subsequent steps easier and leads to a stronger and flatter finished job. Over the years, the advances in screed technology have reduced float and trowel time, and professional contractors have embraced the power screed as the right tool for the job.


The Black Beauty and Silver Beauty power units are designed to screed and consolidate the concrete at the same time. This is achieved by a 45-degree vibration angle. Some competitors’ units only vibrate parallel to the surface and produce little or no consolidation of the concrete. 


Both the Black Beauty and the Silver Beauty are rugged heavy-duty tools designed to be extremely reliable, require very little maintenance, and last for years. 

A differentiating factor compared to other power screeds in the market is the design of the Advanced Concrete Screeds’ bar. The equilateral triangle shape and the interior extrusion design is inherently strong and stable. The bars do not warp, bend, or twist; in other words, the bar stays straight. Screed bars are available in lengths from 2 to 20 feet. 


The cutting edge of the equilateral screed bar handles low slump concrete with ease. It does not ride over. It compacts and consolidates the concrete as it screeds off and cuts to the desired grade, creating an end result that is a smooth flat near final finish. This process reduces the float and trowel time.

The screed bar edge makes staying down on the forms or pipe guides easy regardless of the form type or slump of the concrete. 

The units work well for wet screeding. Set the pads and edges in the concrete at the right levels and move in a free-form motion to level out and blend the concrete to achieve a flat surface. 


You have a choice of a “T” handle or a bicycle handle. Custom bar lengths are readily available. Long screed bars can be double tapped to allow the use of two power units, if desired. Quick adjust locking handle adjustment and screed bar extension kits are available. For screed bar changes and storage, quick setup and release kit are also available.

Advanced Concrete Screeds sells the Black Beauty and Silver Beauty power screeds through its dealer network. Each screed bar comes with a pair of cast aluminum saddle clamps and hardware. So, which beauty do you want for your concrete tool arsenal?

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Modern Contractor Solutions, June 2019
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