Niagara Machine and Sunbelt Rentals were an integral part of a historic restoration project in New York City. Trident General Contracting selected Niagara Machine/Sunbelt Rentals for this project based on their high-quality equipment, expertise, reliable service, thorough training, and exceptional reputation. Tremendous efforts are being taken to restore this legendary Park Avenue hotel to its original art deco design and grandeur—while also making it relevant and responsive to contemporary needs.

The work consisted of one million square feet of concrete floor repair across 20 floors. Mastic and thin set from previous floor coverings were removed and profiled for primer and overlay. 


“After a careful analysis, we decided the DiamaPro ROG-60 Ride-On Grinder would be the best equipment for this project,” says Jason Squires, director of business development at DiamaPro Systems who was onsite for technical support. “This unit is powerful and compact—it’s simply a workhorse. It allowed us to complete the work in half as much time as a walk behind grinder. Keeping this massive project on schedule was challenging, but something we had to do and the ROG-60 was the ideal solution.” 

The ROG-60 allows for maximum production in a compact design. It conveniently fits through doorways and tight spaces while its 18 hp Briggs and Stratton motor can prep up to 10,000 sq ft/hour, allowing labor costs to be kept at a minimum. The ROG-60 has sturdy lifting and transportation arms, there is no need for a forklift for onsite tooling changes and machine movement. It has a vacuum hose attachment which allows the unit to be run wet or dry. The ROG-60 was equipped with 10 segment 30/40 grit diamond tools to efficiently grind the concrete and prepare the surface for an overlay application. Sunbelt Rentals had two ROG-60 units on this job which enabled the crew to complete each of the 50,000 square foot floors within 2-3 weeks.


“We chose to dry grind the concrete to maintain a cleaner work environment throughout the building,” noted Squires. “It’s easier to contain dust than water. Moreover, with various trade contractors working on different floors, dry grind was the preferred method. For dust control, we utilized our DiamaPro SVX3A. This is the most advanced dust collector available and meets all OSHA standards.” 

The Diamapro Systems’ SVX3A vacuum is a durable, reliable, and efficient three motor, automatic self-pulsing machine. The easy to maintain system automatically cleans the filters allowing for continuous working time, and long-term durability. The automatic filter cleaning technology ensures constant suction and performance. The infinity bag dust collection system minimizes operator exposure to collected dust particles.


“This hotel is such a recognizable landmark in NYC that we were honored to be involved on this historic renovation project,” says Tommy Aspetti, senior equipment rental specialist at Sunbelt Rentals. “We pride ourselves in providing state-of-the-art equipment, supplies and onsite training at the precise time our customers need them. We were confident that the DiamaPro Systems’ ROG-60 machines would meet all of the demands for this job—including the interior space constraints, moving equipment to multiple floors and aggressive deadlines. Trident General Contracting was amazed at how easy these units are to setup and use.”


Niagara Machine is the complete surface prep equipment supplier to Sunbelt Rentals Flooring Solutions. The highest quality machines are available to tackle heavy traffic areas and the toughest industrial environments. Through their partnership with Niagara Machine, Sunbelt Rentals has DiamaPro Systems’ ROG-60 units available to rent nationwide. 

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Niagara Machine specializes in providing the highest quality surface prep equipment, supplies, training and support. Headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, Niagara Machine has facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina; Gloucester City, New Jersey (Philadelphia area); North Bergen, New Jersey (NYC area); Debary, Florida; and Grand Prairie, Texas. Additionally, there are field representatives and inventory at eleven remote locations. For more, visit

Sunbelt Rentals offers a level of experience and dedication to customer service that is unsurpassed in the floor care and maintenance industry. For more information about renting the Niagara Machine ROG-60 or any other surface prep equipment, call 800.622.2048 or

Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2022
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