The Making of Foundation Drilling Equipment

Since 1978, Bay Shore has focused on making equipment and processes better. Our mission statement “to make the customer say ‘wow,’ and to provide the best jobs our employees have ever had,” is a powerful combination. People are the foundation of invention. 40 years ago, we began to solve problems with input from actual contractors. In fact, contractor input started our patented LoDril® Series that many people still know us by. Our commitment to your success hasn’t stopped. We still custom engineer and build reliable drills for contractors, and utilities and transmission line companies. 


Global changes to infrastructure have brought better safety and work conditions all over the world. This change has its own challenges for the construction industry. The skilled labor needed to complete projects stops many companies’ from staying competitive in a global market. Labor shortages can cause project delays and penalties, while safety, working conditions, and tighter regulations can cause other time-consuming challenges. What hasn’t changed are the inspiring individuals who propel the marketplace with new products and processes to address challenges. 


How much more efficient could you be with low mobilization costs and job set-up costs, versatility of equipment, and the ability to drill 90% of all holes on jobsites inclusive of limited access, with simplified training, built-in safety, and quality products that last a lifetime, knowing your projects will not be on hold due to costly foundation equipment failure?

Downtime costing more than six figures is unacceptable. We have created the single-haul TR Series that not only drills the bulk of all holes but is less expensive to haul. With more than 93% of Bay Shore’s foundation drilling rigs still in use today, you’ll see downtime decrease and your profit margins increase, which will lead to the ability to take on more. 


Bay Shore wants to hear about your success: it’s our mission. Recently, a customer told us that they replace other equipment after 5,000 hours, but they never get rid of a Bay Shore rig. We thrive on built-to-last quality in the hardest-to-reach locations. Our team of engineers works with contractors to customize equipment. With torque ratings from 10k ft-lbs (14 kN-m) to 200k ft-lbs (270 kN-m), there is a Bay Shore rig to get the job done. We build rigs your way. We mount drills to your preferred manufacturer on a track or wheeled excavator, or truck. The Limited Access Drill (LAD250) gets into places with low over-head clearance gaining the interest of contractors in the utility sector. Our electric over hydraulic interface for our TR Series (in response to CAT’s changes) are paving the way for next generation data capture, efficiency, and proactive maintenance/problem resolution. The entire TR Series was designed to increase production rates by as much as 40%. The newest models and top requests are the TR50s, 60s, and 80s. An updated version of the TR150 (at 150k ft-lb/200 kN-m of torque) can be built as a one-piece load, drive off and drill with 115,000 lbs (52,163 kg) transport weight. 


Based out of Rathdrum, Idaho, Bay Shore Systems has representation all over North America, LATAM regions, UK/EU/MEA, Southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand, and Russia.

Visit us at and consult with us on new products, innovations, or job requirements by calling 888.569.3745.