Since the company began in 1924, Milwaukee Tool has been the industry leader in cordless innovation and is committed to delivering innovative solutions that increase productivity and unmatched durability for professional contractors. Through our M12™, M18™, and MX FUEL™ systems, we have continuously offered advanced, trade-specific solutions that are performance and user driven. We invest time to work side-by-side with users to understand the demands and frustrations of a constantly changing workplace and how we can best provide disruptive innovation that leads to safer, more productive jobsites, unhindered by the hassles of cords, pneumatic hoses, or gas.


Back in 2007, Milwaukee® became the first company in the industry to introduce lithium-ion battery technology to power tools. This groundbreaking achievement in battery technology launched the M18 System and truly exceeded the performance expectations of the trades. We made a commitment to our users that we continue to deliver on: We will continue to invest in new technology without the need for our users to change platforms—we’d never leave them behind. Today, our M18 System is the fastest-growing cordless system with over 250 solutions and has upheld forward and backward compatibility for over a decade. Unwilling to slow down, our team continued working on the next generation of lithium-ion, leading to the introduction of our REDLITHIUM™ batteries in 2010 and the creation of M18 FUEL™ in 2012.

In the years following, we created a new space in the professional power tool market with the M12 system by transforming inefficient manual tools—such as staplers and digital torque wrenches—into advanced workhorses powered by our batteries, motors, and electronics. We introduced our M12 cordless system, designed to deliver industry-leading power in a size that outperforms the competition in tight spaces. 

Most recently, we pushed the capabilities of battery-powered technology to new limits, providing solutions that challenge existing perceptions of what battery-powered technology can do. Our MX FUEL Equipment System has been engineered specifically as a light equipment solution that delivers the performance and durability demanded by the trades without the hazards associated with emissions, noise, vibration, and frustrations of gas maintenance. 


Unparalleled levels of design and engineering gave us the ability to take significant leaps forward with Milwaukee’s exclusive innovations, featured in all three of our systems—M12 FUEL™, M18 FUEL, and MX FUEL. The development of our FUEL™ lines allowed us to offer intelligent and more powerful solutions that adapt to meet a user’s applications and shattered expectations of what is possible with a cordless tool. 

Our REDLITHIUM Batteries feature world-class cell technology to deliver the highest performing packs on the jobsite. A unique patented design ensures our batteries can withstand harsh jobsite environments, while the robust electronics package monitors the cells to protect and optimize performance for every tool and battery combination. Our POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor contains top-grade rare earth magnets and greater copper content to deliver more power and torque for superior application performance. The REDLINK™ Intelligence provides durability and advanced communications that monitor and protect the tool in the most extreme applications. Combined, these three innovations have allowed us to introduce cordless solutions that solve users’ frustrations, needs, and previous limitations. 


Our leadership in battery technology has allowed us to provide a relentless pipeline of new solutions that have disrupted the industry’s expectations of power and performance, such as introducing the world to the first cordless, full capacity deep cut band saws and the first battery-powered Breaker. These solutions have exceeded the expectations of the trades, proving to be more powerful and efficient than their corded or gas-powered counterparts. We continue to develop solutions that are faster and safer.

The introduction of our first cordless platform broke the barriers of what battery-operated tools were capable of. The M18 system delivers the ultimate combination of professional grade power, extreme performance, and superior ergonomics. Our dedication to improving workplace productivity and safety drove us to develop 250 solutions and counting so users can perform an entire day’s work on one battery system. 

Specifically built to go anywhere, the lightweight, ergonomic design of M12 solutions makes portability easy, operation faster and increases productivity. Featuring optimized ergonomics and lightweight designs, M12 solutions are ideal for performing above-head or hard-to-reach applications. Simply put, M12 FUEL tools are the most powerful sub-compact cordless tools in their class.

Prior to MX FUEL technology, the majority of the light equipment market consisted of corded or gas-powered solutions. After analyzing the most prevalent pain points, these solutions represent applications that have historically been challenging experiences for users due to stagnant equipment innovation. The MX FUEL system was designed to drive safety and productivity on jobsites. Traditional equipment leads to gas emissions and noise pollution, as well as safety hazards from excessive vibration and tripping on cords. MX FUEL eliminates the emissions and reduces the overall noise, vibration, and frustrations of gas maintenance that have been deemed acceptable on jobsites for decades. 


Milwaukee is unwilling to slow down. We are dedicated to solving user challenges and improving their day-to-day experience through game-changing tools and equipment that offer unmatched levels of performance, productivity, and durability. We’re a manufacturer of solutions that lead to safer, more efficient jobsites. Our dedication is to the user, and we will continue to disrupt the industry to maximize productivity and eliminate downtime for the professional tradesperson. 

About the Author:

Andrew Lentz is VP Product Management at Milwaukee Tool. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, June 2022
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