The success of any construction project involving concrete ultimately depends on site preparation. The first stage of the pour-to-finish process, well-executed site preparation, is critical to ensuring there is a stable and level foundation to build upon. One of the most important steps in site-prep is compaction. This is the process of compressing and removing entrapped air from soil, sand, gravel, and other aggregate materials on a jobsite to increase their strength, stability, and load-bearing capacity. The compaction process can be achieved manually or with heavy-duty equipment like a plate compactor.


Historically, plate compactors have been powered by small gas engines. However, battery-powered alternatives like the MX Fuel 20-inch Plate Compactor by Milwaukee Tool are disrupting the industry, matching the power of gas with none of the headaches. Zero emissions mean a safer work environment both indoors and in confined spaces. As a battery-powered solution, the MX Fuel 20-inch Plate Compactor is also much quieter, protecting the hearing of workers while also allowing for clearer communication on the jobsite. The simple electric push-start does away with pull-cords that routinely jam or break. Meanwhile, the tool requires little maintenance compared to gas-engines, reducing downtime, and allowing users to get jobs done faster. 


The MX Fuel Plate Compactor leverages multiple technologies to meet the demands of commercial concrete contractors. Ideal for compacting flatwork, foundations, and utility trenches, its PowerState brushless motor delivers the power to hit harder and travel faster without sacrificing compaction performance. Meanwhile, the cordless plate compactor delivers 35 minutes of continuous run-time—or 5,000 square feet per charge—when paired with the MX Fuel RedLithium Forge HD12.0 Battery. Users can minimize downtime with the MX Fuel Super Charger, which charges batteries to 100 percent in only 65 minutes. Additionally, the innovative Cool-Cycle Active Cooling System built-into both the Super Charger and HD12.0 battery provides high-speed cooling, allowing users to stay productive while swapping batteries. RedLink Plus Intelligence, an onboard machine learning capability, ensures optimal performance and provides overload protection to both machine and battery during the toughest applications. The plate compactor is also compatible with One-Key, a cloud-based connectivity and inventory management platform that allows users to track the plate compactor’s physical location.


In addition to its gas-engine-like performance, the cordless MX Fuel Plate Compactor is engineered for ease of use and greater control. It is the only plate compactor in its class with the ability to go in both forward and reverse directions. Accessible push-buttons on the handle control direction, stand-by, and multiple speeds for precision maneuverability. The handle can also easily fold down, creating a smaller footprint for storage and safer transportation around the jobsite. 


Milwaukee is leading the electrification charge by delivering battery-powered alternatives to equipment categories that have historically been dominated by gas engines. The company’s cordless plate compactor provides an innovative battery-powered solution for every stage of the concrete construction process—from site-prep to finish.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, May 2024
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