B2W Schedule replaces the disconnected mix of spreadsheets, phone calls, whiteboards, and messages with a single solution for coordinated, collaborative scheduling and dispatching of resources across job locations and over time. Individuals manage scheduling based on their area of responsibility. Users can view, enter, and manage assignments and needs in real time. This puts employee, equipment, and material resources in the right place at the right time, reducing inefficiencies and downtime.

An intuitive, multi-day interface gives users of B2W Schedule a day-by-day view of assignments, needs, and orders. Managing crews, employees, equipment, or trucks associated with these items can be done with drag-and-drop simplicity, and assignments can be viewed or planned as far into the past or future as needed.

Users can apply multiple filters and groupings to customize how they view the schedule according to their specific roles and requirements, and the same views are accessible on a desktop or mobile device. An unlimited number of these user-defined views can be stored, and security restrictions can be set up to determine which views can be seen by which employees. From resolving conflicts and creating needs to filling assignments and generating moves, B2W Schedule keeps everyone in touch and up to date—even when they are on the move and working on a mobile tablet.

An advanced map function lets users view jobsites and equipment locations in relation to each other geographically. They can also create boundaries with geofencing and incorporate real-time information on traffic, accidents, and road construction delays.

B2W Schedule also provides dedicated views for mass haul trucking, equipment moves, and deliveries. Whether it is planning out stops for equipment moves or deliveries on the move planner, or assigning dozens of trucks to an order on the mass haul planner, B2W Schedule has single day, dedicated views for assigning and notifying resources which have been assigned to orders. 

For more information, visit www.b2wsoftware.com.