The future is bright for collegestudents aiming for careers in construction, and B2W Software is making it a little brighter. Through the B2W College Program, universities and colleges with construction management curricula can incorporate B2W Software for teaching free of charge. Across North America, schools use B2W applications to give students a step ahead in their academics and their careers and provide a hands-on experience with what real-life construction workflows look like. Brigham Young University in Utah is among the schools where students also use B2W Software to gain an advantage in the Associated Schools of Construction’s Student Competitions.

The B2W Software College Program offers applications for construction estimating and bidding as well as resource scheduling and dispatching, job performance tracking and reporting, and equipment maintenance. The technology supports courses such as estimating, construction management, construction technology, civil engineering, construction science, and other related fields.

The Associated Schools of Construction (ASC), an organization of construction educators that further develops teaching concepts for students internationally, holds its Student Competitions annually and regionally. Construction companies sponsor these weekend-long events. They look to the competitions as opportunities to educate students as well as to identify future employees. For more, visit