B2W Track allows heavy construction companies to capture field performance data more effectively, communicate it easily and accurately to other workflows, and use it to make faster, data-driven operational adjustments.

Through customized electronic field logs, B2W Track streamlines collection and reporting of field performance, including productivity, labor, materials, and equipment utilization. Data from B2W Estimate can be transferred directly to B2W Track, ensuring continuity between bidding and construction. Employees in the field also use B2W Track to communicate repair and resource requests directly to the B2W elements for equipment maintenance and scheduling.

B2W Track is a highly flexible web and mobile solution. Electronic Field logs can be customized or created by copying from a previous field log or from B2W Schedule. The B2W “Grid View” design of field logs simplifies how performance data is captured in the field on a tablet. Labor and equipment hours, quantities and overhead costs can be entered into a log all at once from a single, customizable screen.

Timely reporting is a vital advantage of B2W Track. The system can deliver reports or dashboards to any user on a defined daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. This provides insight into job performance in comparison with the estimate or plan, with drill downs to investigate trends. Reports are customizable, so users can track unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) critical to their organizations. This is motivating for crews and assists leaders in the field in making data-driven decisions to adjust operations before it is too late to impact profitability.

Many companies rely on B2W Track for this type of daily field-centric reporting and use the system in conjunction wit their accounting systems. Data from the electronic field logs, including payroll data, can be transferred to accounting systems, avoiding redundant data entry and the opportunity for errors and delays. 

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