B2W Software adds API-powered features that automate data transfer to make estimating easier, faster and more accurate.

A new B2W Estimate API (application programming interface) automates connectivity between B2W Software’s flagship estimating application and data sources used to generate estimates. The API also enables a new Production Rate Actuals feature within B2W Estimate, giving estimators streamlined access to current and historical performance data from the field. The information from B2W Track, an application for field tracking and analysis, can be used to improve accuracy of rates applied within current bids to ensure profitability.

APIs connect software and data sources to each other and provide a shared standard for interoperability. B2W Estimate, an enterprise-class application for heavy construction estimating and bidding, features centralized cost data and specialized functionality for creating bids from databases, templates and cost structures. This approach maximizes accuracy and speed, enabling contractors to spend less time building bids and more time strategically optimizing them. For more, visit www.b2wsoftware.com.