AXION is a world leader in innovative structural composite solutions for industry. Our products are engineered to endure, making our industrial-grade structural composite technology a transformative force in heavy industry, replacing hardwood in a wide variety of industrial applications. 

Relying on proprietary technology that has been developed, tested, and refined for over a decade, our STRUXURE® Construction Mats, STRUXURE® Construction Products, and ECOTRAX® Composite Railroad Ties are stronger, more durable and longer lasting—outperforming traditional wood-based products in even the harshest environments.

Proudly engineered and manufactured by AXION in Texas and made of recycled post-consumer and industrial plastics, our products help remove plastic from the waste stream and transform it into smart, sustainable, fully recyclable products for industries that include construction, energy, transportation, and railroad.


STRUXURE® Construction Mats are engineered for consistent, predictable performance, far beyond the lifespan of traditional mixed hardwood mats. Our solutions range from standard heavy-duty composite mats to steel-reinforced heavy-duty composite mats, and are available in standard and custom sizes ideal for use under heavy equipment. Since they’re especially ideal in wet or harsh-temperature environments where their performance properties remain unchanged, they make an excellent and cost-effective, long-term solution for heavy transport, crane and rigging, oil & gas, construction, and utilities.

  • Heavy-Duty Composite Mats:
    7′ or 9′ in lengths to 30′
  • Steel Reinforced Composite Mats: 7′ or 9′ in lengths to 30′
  • Composite Laminated Mats:
    5.25′ x 8′ in lengths to 16′
  • Composite Outrigger Pads
  • Composite boards in more than 150 sizes
  • Custom Solutions: Engineered to your specifications
  • Suited for any Service Environment: Crane, Barge, Construction, Access Roads, Work Platforms, Remote Jobsites, and Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Made from 100% recycled plastics


Our STRUXURE® Construction Products are changing the way structures are being built. Every board, post, and plank are strong, durable, and engineered to last. They install faster than concrete and are lighter than steel. They also won’t rot, warp, splinter, crumble, rust, absorb moisture, or leach toxic chemicals into the environment and are completely impervious to infestation by insects, marine borers, and other marine parasites. They come in a full range of sizes and are ideal for boardwalks, decking, pilings & foundations, and cribbing & dunnage.


Our ECOTRAX® Composite Railroad Ties are designed to outperform traditional hardwood railroad ties in any environment. They are virtually impervious to the elements. They will not rot, warp, splinter, crumble, rust, absorb moisture, or leach toxic chemicals into the environment. From freight to transit to industrial track, ECOTRAX ties are offered in more than 150 sizes and are perfect for road crossings, embedded track, tunnels, ballast-deck bridges, turnouts, and crossing diamonds.

AXION is headquartered in Zanesville, Ohio.

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