Philippi-Hagenbuch Autogate® Tailgates are designed to maximize haul truck utilization, effectively increasing haul capacities by up to 20% while also providing added safety and extended tire life. Philippi-Hagenbuch’s tailgates include models suited for both articulated and rigid frame trucks, making them the ideal solution for everything from quarries to coal mines to mineral mining applications. The increased capacity proves effective for any material—hard and rocky or liquid.

Continuing its longstanding tradition of providing productivity-enhancing products to the aggregate and mining industry, Philippi-Hagenbuch designed the Autogate Tailgates as a solution for maximizing the truck’s volumetric capacity while reducing spillage. Unwilling to subscribe to the one-size-fits-all approach of other tailgate manufacturers, Philippi-Hagenbuch constructs the Autogate series with a specific spec for each model and make of both articulated and rigid frame trucks. This tailored approach not only eliminates spillage from the rear of the bed, but also prevents side spillage—even when driving on inclines or making sharp turns. By matching the design and fit with specific truck requirements, such as increased height clearance or enhanced capacity, PHIL Autogate Tailgates work with the overall truck design to boost capacity while also balancing load distribution for easy maneuvering and enhanced safety. 


In addition to increased capacities, the PHIL Autogate Tailgates offer improved tire life and reduced maintenance by providing a more centered and evenly distributed load. This optimized balance of the load further enhances safety while driving in adverse or uneven terrain. Operating without a tailgate often results in the front-loading of trucks, which causes added weight and stress on the front tires, significantly accelerating wear. Additionally, materials are prone to falling off the rear of trucks not equipped with a tailgate, resulting in additional work for maintaining haul roads. 


With a keen focus on engineering products with a simple design to reduce maintenance and failures, Philippi-Hagenbuch manufactures the Autogate Tailgates to stand up to years of jobsite and environmental abuse. Constructed of high-strength steel and an exclusive steel alloy chain, the PHIL Autogate Tailgates boast maximum durability with virtually no maintenance in a design durable enough to handle even large boulders. Philippi-Hagenbuch’s unique approach uses no locks, cylinders, grease points or controls—virtually eliminating the potential of malfunction. As the body dumps, gravity naturally opens the tailgate to discharge material from the bed in a design that eliminates traditional maintenance headaches. Autogate Tailgates provide maximum opening at the exact angle where material begins to move, ensuring optimized dumping speed. 


The Autogate Tailgates are customized to fit nearly any scope and size of articulated or rigid frame off-highway haul truck and can be installed through the OEM or retrofitted on-site. The three-piece tailgate construction allows for easily adapting to different bed widths, ensuring hassle free installation. 

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Engineering innovative haul-truck solutions for over 52 years, Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc. designs and builds custom high-volume end-dump bodies, lowboy and bottom dump trailers, sideboards, load ejectors, and water tanks for nearly every make and model of articulated and rigid frame off-highway truck available. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, March 2022
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