At booth F6708, Alliance Tire Group, Ltd. (ATG) will be introducing three new tires to the construction industry. Join ATG for the launch of the Galaxy Giraffe ND, a non-directional telehandler tire with a low aspect ratio, super-stable sidewall and reduced volume for more cost-effective foam fill. With open shoulders for more traction, deep tread for longer performance and durable, heat-resistant compound, the Galaxy Giraffe ND will deliver extra stability, longer tire life and higher return on investment. Then check out the new Galaxy Mighty Trac ND Multiple-Terrain Tire for skid steers, whose massive block design and 58:42 rubber-to-void ratio ensure great traction and great wear resistance for outstanding performance on any surface, from sand to concrete to snow. Finally, take a look at the Alliance 585 Multi-Surface Radial. Its steel-belted construction and a unique block-lug hybrid tread pattern deliver radial performance for a bias-ply price. With its large, rectangular footprint, the Alliance 585 transfers more horsepower to the ground for more traction, more push and more dig—all while providing more service life. All of ATG’s tires—under the Galaxy, Alliance, or Primex brands—are engineered and manufactured to deliver modern contractors the lowest total cost of ownership. They’re backed by ATG’s aggressive warranty program as well as the company’s dedicated engineering and customer service teams. And no matter the challenge, the conditions, or the job, there’s a Galaxy, Alliance, or Primex tire built to help you tackle it.