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From the shop to the yard and jobsite to jobsite, you have heavy equipment, vehicles, mid-size assets and small tools constantly moving or sitting idle. It’s just the way it is. Mixed assets sit idle in the field or in Conex boxes. More of them are purchased or rented because most companies don’t have the visibility to know where everything is nor a way to manage them all. 

Some contractors rely on spreadsheets, multiple vendors, and other internal mechanisms with the same result—idle equipment and more money spent than necessary. Why? There is a lot to manage across your entire mixed fleet. With multiple systems and vendors, there are a lot of places to manage without a centralized point for everyone. Not all solutions are built on construction knowledge and experience, so it’s unlikely that miscellaneous tracking vendors can truly meet your needs.


Enter Tenna. With more than 100 years of experience in the construction industry, the team at Tenna meets the needs of construction companies that are struggling with the pain of just not knowing where their stuff is and gives them back control over their equipment fleet. Tenna’s One Platform has been enhanced and upgraded from an asset management solution into a construction technology platform that is revolutionizing equipment fleet operations. 

“Construction companies manage their number one cost center, labor, very carefully. However, their second largest cost center, equipment and tools, still poses challenges to most contractors. I managed projects for my family’s business and the equipment fleet was always a challenge. Utilization, maintenance, just knowing where something was constantly a battle for us and this rings true for most contractors.” says Austin Conti, CEO and co-founder of Tenna. 

To track an entire mixed fleet, Tenna utilizes GPS, Cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy, and QR technologies coupled with a freshly designed unified platform to deliver actionable data. 

Tenna also takes notes from customers and the needs they hear from within the construction market. “Many people we have talked to wanted something smaller. So, we listened and released a new GPS tracking family. The TennaMINI is a small, ruggedized GPS tracker that is available in solar and battery models. It also has a battery life of up to 7 years, which is longer than many contractors have seen,” Conti says.


A dot on a map will show you where your existing loaders are located, but does it tell you anything else? Tenna’s new platform combined with state-of-the-art tracking devices will tell you if they are in use, when they are scheduled for another job, what maintenance is required on them, where they have been, and a whole lot more. With this information, your equipment manager, superintendents, or others responsible for your equipment will have utilization data that enables them to make better decisions.

Uninterrupted visibility creates full transparency—from the shop/yard to the jobsite to the office. No more yard hunts, no more unnecessary purchases. Improved utilization, reduced downtime, and more gives contractors the edge they need to make more on their jobs.

We understand how expensive a single piece of equipment can be (renting or buying). Let’s say you think you need a paver. To buy one, you are looking at a range of $250,000 to $500,000+ depending on age, model, and make, which can easily equate to a monthly finance payment of $10,000+ per month (understanding the intricacies of credit score, terms, and other factors). If you are renting that same piece of equipment, you could be looking at $1200 to $2500+ per day.


If you only have a dot on a map you may not know the status of your existing paver—which you assume is busy working on another job. You would also not know whether that paver had been sitting idle for weeks and no longer needed. If you knew that information, you would realize you don’t need to rent or purchase a new paver, as it would be easier and more cost effective to move the available paver you already own. 

Additionally, a dot on the map would not provide operational and maintenance data, current condition, and the complete historical cost of owning that paver at your fingertips. If you had that information, you may determine it would be more cost effective to purchase a new paver for better reliability instead of risking a schedule-impacting breakdown. 

Tenna’s solution gives you the full picture, going beyond the dot. It provides you with the information you need to know to make the most informed decisions, gives you more control over your productivity and budget and allows you to make more profit. 


When looking for a construction technology partner, consider one with experience in the construction industry. Tenna understands what you need to know and control to help you make more money. Know More. Control More. Make More.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, December 2019
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