Arrive Logistics, a technology-enabled transportation service provider who serves shipper and carrier partners to deliver first-class brokerage and transportation management services, is opening a third office in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to accommodate its explosive growth and capitalize on the region’s significant freight market through world-class operations. 

In addition to the corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas, the offices in Chicago and now Chattanooga, exhibit Arrive Logistics’ tremendous development as one of the fastest, organically-grown freight brokerages in history. This expansion is due to rapid growth, aided by their investments in proprietary technology and an industry-leading employee development program. Arrive Logistics has doubled in size and revenue each year, jumping from $30.5 million in 2015 to $58.9 million in 2016, and then to $143.5 million in 2017. As the calendar year 2018 numbers are finalized, revenue is expected to reach more than $360 million. 

“We opened our first office with a founding team of 10. Today, roughly 4 years later, our dedication to customer service, strong shipper and carrier partnerships, and growth through technology has allowed the Arrive team to grow to nearly 600 employees strong, spanning three domestic offices,” says Matt Pyatt, CEO and co-founder of Arrive Logistics. “Expanding into Chattanooga will provide vast growth opportunities for Arrive Logistics and increased value for our customers and carriers.”

Asa Shirley, SVP of sales, is currently leading the charge at the new Chattanooga, Tennessee, office and is building a new Arrive Logistics team in the freight-centric area. For more, visit