It’s no surprise that operators hold a special place in their heart for the equipment they run. Along with the power of an excavator’s breakout force or the smooth grading skills, the biggest impact on improving productivity is having the right tool for the job—and that means attachments.

With more than 250 products for excavators, compact excavators, wheel loaders, and more, AMI Attachments not only has the right tool for every job, its products are manufactured using Hardox® wear plate and Strenx™ performance steel.


Serving the heavy equipment market across North America, AMI Attachments has created a product line that spans the full range from compact excavators to large-scale production mining machines. Within its 20 years of business, the company has achieved many industry firsts, including new product designs, product warranty, and the world’s first dual member certification of both the Hardox® In My Body and My Inner Strenx™. 

Walking through the engineering department at AMI Attachments, it’s easy to see product development is a top priority that never stops. Their dedicated team of engineers is constantly adding improvements and creating innovative new designs using the latest technology to maximize performance and minimize wear. The goal is to provide its customers with world-class material handling solutions.


One of AMI Attachments’ signature products is the Graptor® Integrated Thumb Bucket. This patented design is powered by a helical actuator. With incredible holding strength—up to 54,000 ft-lb of torque—you gain total control, whether picking, handling, or demolishing. Perfect for large objects or bucketfuls of debris, the Graptor keeps its grip throughout the entire rotation, making your job easier and faster. Taking the guesswork out of trying to control both bucket and thumb simultaneously, the Graptor lets you just clamp and roll. 

For multi-tasking, the AMI Attachments Jawbone 4-in-1 Excavator Bucket is the ultimate in versatility. At first glance, the Jawbone looks no different than a regular digging bucket, but provides all the power of a hydraulic cylinder thumb, without custom installation. 

Like the Graptor, the Jawbone Bucket is powered by a helical actuator, giving you up to 54,000 ft-lb of torque. The unique design reduces downtime by allowing you to switch effortlessly between digging, ditching, grading, and grabbing, with two different cutting edges in one. 

The newest product just released is the AXXIS™ Tilt Rotator—powered by NOX. Featuring 360° endless rotation along with tilt angles of 50° in either direction, the AMI Attachments’ AXXIS Tilt Rotator provides refined dexterity for precise grading, backfilling, and material handling. The tilting action is performed by a compact helical actuator which eliminates the need for bulky cylinders. The AMI Attachments AXXIS Tilt Rotator has shown that operators are able to work 25-30% faster. 


No matter the machine or the attachment, AMI Attachments stands behind its products with the industry-first 2-year limited warranty. For products that are designed for hard work in abrasive situations, the 2-year limited warranty is a great way to know you’re buying a quality product that will last. 

To get the right tools to take your productivity to the next level,  you can contact AMI Attachments directly at 800.556.9452 and they will work with you and your local equipment dealer  to get you what you need.