More Rubber in the Galaxy Hulk SDS Solid Tire

TFor the toughest demolition and construction sites, Alliance Tire Group (ATG) builds the toughest tire on the market: the Galaxy Hulk SDS. “SDS” stands for “Severe Duty Solid,” and every word reflects improved performance. 

Of course, it’s solid—inches of puncture-proof rubber that eliminate downtime due to the punctures, slashed sidewalls, or burst casings that can sideline pneumatic tires and put a machine out of commission for hours. But there’s also the Hulk SDS’s steel creel bead assembly for turning torque into power. There’s cut- and chunk-resistant compound that also minimizes heat buildup. And, the Hulk SDS features an under-tread tie bar that stabilizes the centerline chevron blocks, minimizing tread flexion for a longer service life.

The Hulk SDS features a rugged block tread that combines traction with wear resistance, boosted by a flat contact patch that improves grip while minimizing wear. The tread blocks are 36 percent deeper than standard solid skid steer tires—a full 79/32 inches, more than 2 inches deep—delivering more grip for far longer.

And, ATG came up with an ingenious way to provide even more rubber. Instead of building the Hulk SDS skid steer tire for the 20-inch rim that most solid tires are designed to fit, the Galaxy Hulk SDS is built with the same outer diameter pressed onto a 16-inch rim. That means the Hulk SDS has four times more usable rubber to the 60J line—inches of extra wear even after the tread is gone.

On the job, there’s no time for downtime, and every investment has got to deliver a positive return. With more rubber and more hours of reliable service than standard solid tires, the Galaxy Hulk SDS eliminates downtime, even in the most severe environments, and delivers a lower total cost of ownership. That adds up to profit, plain and simple.