After more than 50 years, modern contractors know that they can count on Alliance Tire Group (ATG), a group company of Yokohama, for performance, low cost of ownership, and innovation. 

And now, ATG has built on those to make it easier than ever to step up to the latest innovation in construction tires—radials—by pricing high-performance radial tires at the same level as most competitors’ bias-ply tires. 


Radial tires boost the performance of construction equipment. Their long, even footprint puts more horsepower on the ground, delivers greater traction, and improves fuel economy. Steel-belted construction keeps tires running cooler for longer service life and resists punctures. Flexible radial sidewalls reduce jolts and vibration, so they’re easier on operators and machinery. And radials last longer than bias-ply tires do—as much as two to three times longer.

ATG’s skilled crews, working in state-of-the-art factories, manufacture a broad line of radial tires for backhoes, loaders, dump trucks, and skid steers so efficiently that they can compete with other manufacturers’ bias-ply tires. The bottom line: better performance and lower cost per hour.


ATG delivers a wide range of radial tires for construction machinery. The Galaxy Multi Tough is a great introduction to radials. Priced to compete head-to-head with bias-ply options, the Galaxy Multi Tough features radial construction and an innovative block tread pattern for outstanding longevity and performance on mixed surfaces.

The steel-belted Alliance 580 radial uses a classic “hockey stick” bar lug design for the loose soils that backhoe, loader and utility tractor operators often find themselves in … boosted by the added traction that radials deliver.

The Alliance 585 combines steel-belted radial construction with a unique, non-directional hybrid block tread design optimized for both traction and self-cleaning. The result is a long-lasting tire for backhoes, loaders, and telehandlers that can handle any surface—and any direction—with a sure grip and wear resistance.

The Alliance 550 Multi Use radial is a four-season heavy hitter, with more biting edges in its hybrid, curved block tread pattern and outstanding performance in snow as well as loose soil, mud, and even pavement. On backhoes, loaders, wheeled excavators, tractors, and skid steers, the steel-belted Alliance 550 takes equipment to the next level.


With more than 2,000 SKUs under the Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex brands, ATG manufactures more than just great radials. Bias-ply tires from ATG are purpose built for the real-world challenges of any jobsite, from snow and sand to hard rock mines and everything in between. And, the Galaxy Severe Duty Solid (SDS) line has built a global reputation for performance in some of the most punishing environments on earth. 

Quality and performance have earned Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex tires the trust of some of the world’s most popular machinery companies, including CNH, John Deere, AGCO, Caterpillar, and Bobcat, which include ATG brands as original equipment. And ATG’s tires are widely used as replacement tires by contractors looking for better performance, longer service life, and lower total cost of ownership. 

Contact your Alliance, Galaxy, or Primex tire dealer for more information, visit or call 800.343.3276.