With the introduction last month of new construction tires, Alliance Tire Group (ATG), Ltd., continues to build one of the fastest-growing lines of tires for the construction industry. ATG’s Galaxy, Alliance, and Primex brands are known worldwide for helping make contractors more productive and more profitable.


The massive block design of the new Galaxy Mighty Trac ND is engineered to improve grip on any surface, from sand to concrete—and with its siped blocks, even snow. The 58:42 rubber-to-void ratio provides great traction while also ensuring long service on paved surfaces.


Then there’s the Galaxy Giraffe ND, a non-directional tire with stiffer sidewalls and a low aspect ratio for extra stability. The low-sidewall design also reduces the volume of the tire, cutting down foam-fill costs. Deep tread and open shoulders improve traction, and the durable, heat-resistant compound ensure a longer tire life.


ATG has tires for any jobsite, from long-lasting, efficiency-boosting radial OTR tires whose cost of ownership can be one-third as much as bias-ply tires, to puncture-proof solids that deliver extra-long performance while defying tire-killing debris. And along with great tires, ATG backs them up with an aggressive warranty and easy-to-use Warranty Wizard smartphone app. 

From the solid Galaxy Hulk SDS to the Alliance 585 Multi-Use radial and beyond, there is an ATG tire to help you tackle any challenge, any conditions, and any jobsite. 

For more information, visit www.atgtire.com.