LED tower provides functionality of three separate lighting needs

By Dina Panos

A common issue for every contractor is the incessant number of tools and equipment needed for each task imaginable. A generator mobile light tower is needed for remote area jobs, an electric mobile tower is needed for indoor work, and a diffuser light tower is also needed for night road side construction work. Not anymore. Lind Equipment, a multi award-winning company, has created a simple lighting solution that provides you with all the functionality of these three separate lighting needs in one award-winning package. The All-in-One Beacon LED Tower can be used as an electric powered light tower, a generator powered light tower, and as a no-glare diffuser light tower. 


The innovative, All-in-One Beacon LED Tower alleviates the need to own three separate towers for different types of jobs. If you need to illuminate remote construction sites with a full-power light tower, the Beacon LED Tower can do that with an onboard generator as small as 1000W. The Beacon LED Tower has proven its durability and ruggedness on construction sites all over North America, including in the far north, on the ocean, and in the desert. You won’t sacrifice light levels, run time, or durability when replacing your traditional generator fed light towers with the All-In-One Beacon LED Tower. If you need to illuminate an indoor site, or want a light tower that can run quietly without fumes on an external power source, the exact same Beacon LED Tower can do just that. With its extremely efficient Lind Equipment LED light heads, the Beacon LED Tower uses 80 percent less electricity than a traditional light tower without any reduction in light output. This means you can run two All-In-One Beacon LED Towers on a single 15A circuit. They fit through man-doors and a single person can move them around a jobsite with ease. Lastly, if you need to illuminate areas that require diffused, no-glare lighting, such as events or roadside construction, the exact same Beacon LED Tower can do that too. Just clip on our no-glare diffuser frames in under one minute, and your all-in-one Beacon LED Tower provides the glare-free light that you need.


The no-glare diffuser frames are the feature that makes the Beacon LED Tower the All-in-One. The biggest issue found with balloon lighting is that the unit produces light in all directions—including straight up. Not being able to direct the light where you need it is a major flaw with the original design. Lind Equipment’s award-winning designers recognized the flaw and constructed the no-glare diffuser frames to cover the light heads on the Beacon LED Tower. These frames tightly clip onto the back of the powerful, 30,000 lumen floodlights to prevent any movement while in use. Now you have the ability to not only diffuse your light, but the ability to adjust the light heads in the direction you need it; providing your jobsite with the ample amount of light you require. The no-glare diffuser covers are designed to be easy on the eyes and, although still providing bright light, anyone can stare at the light straight on without difficultly. Once your diffuser needs are completed, the frames simply come off as quickly as they went on. Stack them on top of one another with the covers still on and place into our carrying case. 


Lind has always focused on being innovative and solving the common issues found with traditional lighting equipment. The first (and second) generation of the Beacon LED Tower won numerous awards for its innovation in the light tower market. It solved issues with maneuverability, maintenance, and provided multiple power options to expand its lighting applications. These features plus much more are what made the tower a welcome change in the market. Now, by adding in the diffuser tower mode, this full brightness LED tower is the only solution needed to service all lighting applications. 

About the author:

Dina Panos is the North American marketing specialist at Lind Equipment, a company that has manufactured and supplied portable lighting and electrical equipment for the toughest jobsites for more than 70 years. For more, visit www.beaconledtower.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions, February 2020
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