Advanced Concrete Screeds, LLC manufactures the famous Black Beauty and Silver Beauty power vibratory concrete screeds. Our tools are designed and built to enable concrete contractors to achieve exceptionally flat concrete floors. Both of our designs consolidate as they screed. Achieving excellent flatness and consolidation of the concrete in the initial screeding step results in easier finishing, less labor cost, flatter floors, and better concrete density. Our Equilateral Triangle Bars stay straight. They do not to warp, bend, or twist through years of use. Screed bars are available in lengths up to 20 ft. The Black Beauty and Silver Beauty power units easily screed 2-inch to 9-inch slump concrete. These rugged USA-made tools are designed to withstand years of heavy-duty use with little to no maintenance required. Our focus is on building the best power vibratory screed tools available for the professional concrete contractors and enabling them to achieve strong flat concrete floors. 

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