ACV Enviro has been working for months with various organizations, large and small, to assist in the assessment of COVID-19, as well as other, communicable diseases. ACV has extended their ER services team to respond to the needs of their customers and communities 24/7/365, providing professionally trained teams equipped with the right product and procedures to safely clean, decontaminate, and properly dispose of the waste for incineration. 

“Our pandemic preparedness policy and our knowledgeable team allows us to take the necessary precautions to keep our clients, as well as our own team, healthy and safe,” says Donna Miller, SVP environmental, health and safety. “We approach each project with a safety-first mentality—our goal is to work diligently and safely and contain this outbreak. That is why our team is called in so frequently in these types of emergency events.” 

ACV Enviro is highly experienced in the remediation and disposal of the coronavirus. “Our teams are here twenty-four seven to get the job done,” says Sheppard. “We don’t want organizations to think that getting out some cleaning products and doing this themselves will solve the problem—in fact, it might make it worse.”

Use an expert to get your place of business in order. Professional decontamination and removal are the only ways to provide a safe place for your customers and employees. For more, visit