Barry Goldsher

President and CEO, ClearSpan Fabric Structures

MCS: How’s business for ClearSpan? Is that indicative of the construction industry overall?
GOLDSHER: Business has been good, but I think that the long winter season has affected us and probably the construction industry as a whole. One advantage that we have, though, is that our buildings don’t need the site work that a metal or wood building would need. Our crews don’t have to excavate frozen ground, so we’re able to build year-round.
MCS: What has influenced ClearSpan and its product offerings? What is your most popular product and why?
GOLDSHER: We try to focus on speed without losing quality. We’ve designed a few buildings that cut down on design time, so that we can get the customer a building as soon as possible. There are two Turnkey Buildings whose price includes manufacturing, delivery, and installation. We’ve found that they’re popular because of the short amount of time that it takes to get them installed. I think the fact that all of our buildings can be built on pretty much any surface has made them popular. We can build on a number of different foundations and also offer our own Helical Anchor foundation.
Fabric StructuresMCS: In your opinion, what is one facet of business that can make a positive difference in a contractor’s operations?
GOLDSHER: Well, in any business, you’re always trying to provide the best product or service, while still keeping costs down. Unfortunately for contractors, keeping costs down can lead to projects of lesser quality; so thinking outside of the box when finding cost effective methods or materials can have a positive effect on their operations.
MCS: How does ClearSpan add benefit for the contractor?
GOLDSHER: A lot of the contractors that we work with are initially interested in us because they see it as a way to keep their cost down. We have a track record of finishing our buildings on time and on budget, so they don’t have to worry about meeting the needs of their customers. For the contractor that is looking for a structure for their own use, we can offer them 7-year financing. Contractors like this option, because it allows them the financial ability to grow and develop their business, while still having the building that they need.
MCS: What is your forward outlook for the construction industry this year? For ClearSpan?
GOLDSHER: The construction industry will pick up on April 15, after tax season. As for ClearSpan, we’re ready to build and prepared to have our best year.
For More Information: ClearSpan Fabric Structures, with corporate offices in South Windsor, Connecticut, manufactures and distributes from its centrally located Dyersville, Iowa, location. For more information on design-build solutions for your application, call 866.643.1010, or visit
Modern Contractor Solutions, April 2014

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