Air-Tilt Bed Trailer
Towmaster’s deck-over air-tilt trailers offer convenience and easy loading by tilting the bed using air from the tow vehicle’s system. This provides an efficient way of tilting the deck without the use of hydraulics. This trailer features an angled beavertail and ramps to offer a low loading angle; perfect for loading small-wheeled or paver equipment. Ramps can be manual or air-operated. Simply tilt the deck, drive on or off, and level the deck back down. The tilt deck trailer features a single-lever twin-latch system to secure the deck to the frame. For more, visit
Small Angle Grinders
DEWALT announces its new 4½-inch Small Angle Grinders with brake, ideal for professionals who need to perform a variety of applications in tight spaces. The new grinders feature a Lanyard Ready™ Connection and brake that stops the wheel 50 percent faster on average than DWE402 model with DW4541 abrasive wheel. Key improvements include a Dust Ejection System™, an E-CLUTCH™ that activates in less than a tenth of a second when a wheel pinch/stall event is detected, and the new motor design. Comes standard with a 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee. For more, visit
Vibratory Screeds
Patented power unit design and Equilateral Triangle Bar™ make Advanced Concrete Tools’ Vibratory Screeds the best performing, most reliable screeds, anywhere. With superior performance in low-slump concrete, high F-number ratings, and improved compaction and consolidation—it’s no wonder industry professionals prefer the Black Beauty HD and Silver Beauty. From concrete finishing professionals to flooring specialists, they all agree the Advanced Concrete Tools line of equipment delivers an unrivaled, near-finish result. For more, visit
DBI-SALA® Self-Rescue
3M Personal Safety Division and 3M’s Capital Safety business introduce the DBI-SALA® Self-Rescue, a detachable self-rescue device. The device easily connects to a worker’s current safety harness, providing a fast, effective method of escape from suspension. Self-Rescue features a patent-pending EZ-Link™ D-ring to simplify connection, a secondary rescue ring for assisted rescue, and a sealed, padded package to protect the descent device from damage during use. With 50- or 100-foot versions available, the self-rescue device is among the most flexible and adaptable ever created. The DBI-SALA self-rescue device is slated for release by spring 2016. For more, visit
Scraper Model
K-Tec Earthmovers releases a new 1228ADT scraper model. The 28-cubic-yard scraper has been one of K-Tec’s most popular models for years, but now K-Tec has enabled a system to mount onto an Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) chassis, in addition to agriculture or construction tractors. Contractors who already have a 25- or 30-ton ADT in their fleet can easily convert the hauler to pull a K-Tec 1228ADT for a unit that can self-load, transport, and eject material with a single engine running and sole operator. K-Tec scrapers are backed by a 3-year structural warranty. For more, visit

T-REX Anti-Slip Impact Glove
Magid expands its line of T-REX® gloves to include the T-REX Anti-Slip Palm Impact Glove. This new glove delivers affordable impact protection with ANSI level 4 cut resistance. The TRX647 also features ANSI level 5 Abrasion Resistance and ANSI level 5 Puncture Resistance for extra tough jobs, anti-slip palm for enhanced grip in oily conditions, Kevlar® stitching on the palm for durability, full TPR coverage for back-of-the-hand impact protection, pre-curved fingers for all day comfort without fatigue, and an abrasion and tear resistant Keprotec® reinforced thumb saddle. For more, visit
High-Tension Hacksaw
Milwaukee Tool expands its Hand Tool offering with the addition of a 12-inch High-Tension Hacksaw. Up to 4X higher tension and 5X more durable than other leading hacksaws on the market, Milwaukee designed its new hacksaw with a reinforced metal frame. A high-leverage tension knob at the top of the hacksaw’s frame allows the user to easily tighten the blade to the highest tension needed. For added utility, the hacksaw features 6-blade storage capacity, as well as a 45-degree blade position for a better angle on flush cuts. For more, visit
First-CutTM Early Entry Saw
The CC148XL-EE First-Cut™ saw from Diamond Products is part of the True Early Entry System™ and the solution for early entry cutting. This light-weight, walk-behind saw has a spring-loaded skid plate guard that keeps the skid plate down on the green concrete, thus preventing spalling. With a 6-inch blade capacity, the maximum cutting depth is 13/16 inches. The blades turn in an up-cut direction to keep debris out of the cut line. The blade is lowered into the cut with a raise and lower mechanical system with spring-loaded release. For more, visit
Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS
Sometimes only a solid tire will do. That’s why the Alliance Tire Group (ATG) forged the Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS, featuring the high-traction, self-cleaning lug design and rugged rim guard that made the Beefy Baby the gold standard for loader and skid steer tires. In fact, there’s so much rubber on the Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS that when the tread wears down—which will be a good, long time—the tire can be re-treaded for even longer service life. Puncture-proof. Long-lasting. Versatile. The Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS is a solid investment in your construction equipment. For more, visit
Modern Contractor Solutions – February 2016
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