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The construction industry is always abuzz with activity. It’s one of the most reliable performers in the business world because the work never stops: wherever you go, there’s always investment being made in infrastructure repair and property development. Win the right contract, and you can achieve an impressive profit—but you need to turn heads first, and that’s challenging.

To help you meet that challenge, let’s take a look at five marketing tips that are suitable for winning a construction business some relevant leads:


Before you make a concerted effort to market your business, you need to get a clear marketing attribution model in place. The point of this is to know where your traffic comes from—without that insight, you can’t gauge the effectiveness of any of the following tactics. The simplest (but most important) thing you can do is configure Google Analytics to identify each source correctly: You can either have each method refer to a different URL or add UTM codes as needed.


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DIY content is popular on YouTube. If you want to know how to build a simple fence or how to cut slabs, it’s the best place to look, because seeing something done helps you understand how to replicate it. Since you have professional construction skills on tap, you might as well use them (particularly since it shouldn’t take long to record some quick tutorials). At the end of each video, briefly pitch your business—whenever anyone needs more help, they can turn to you.


Where videos are useful for some things, step-based guides are great for others. They can be more conceptual: For instance, someone might want a guide about choosing a flooring material for their project. Again, you have all the expertise necessary to get such guides written extremely quickly (delegate where possible—don’t try to write them all yourself). And, since you can host those guides on your site (as opposed to using YouTube for videos), you can win some good search rankings by making them excellent.


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Social proof is the big convincer in the online world because businesses are prone to exaggeration. You can read about how a particular company delivers amazing results and be complete unmoved (almost every company claims to be the best, right?)—but if that company can point you to a range of clients who are incredibly pleased with the results, then you know that the claims aren’t just bluster. Before-and-after case studies are visually powerful (if you start here, you can end up there) and incredibly compelling.


When the internet exploded in popularity, many businesses stopped using direct mail. It seemed old-fashioned and inefficient, with email marketing being more flexible and interesting. But now that digital marketing is firmly the norm, traditional methods have rediscovered their appeal. Direct mail is tangible and has a premium feel—and if you use high-quality materials with a smart design, you can allude to the quality of your constructions (so don’t go cheap).


Getting an attribution model in place is absolutely essential, and each of the following tactics can make a big difference through playing to the strengths of your business. Remember to focus on what your competition is doing, and find ways to deviate from the norm. That’s how you’ll get attention.

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