2wayRadioPlus.com sells inexpensive, rugged, light-weight JOBSITE RADIOS. These radios are simple to use and are USER-programmable. You can afford to have more Motorola radios in the hands of more workers, getting more done. Custom-programming is available to meet the GC’s specifications. For less than the cost of renting radios, you can OWN them. For 20 years, we’ve been helping contractors, construction workers,
and traffic control. These radios are perfect: No interference; LOUD audio; long battery-life.
The NEW RM-series radios, in UHF and VHF, are economical and rugged. They’re engineered to Mil Spec for sealing against dust, wind, shock, vibration, and other adverse conditions. These radios also undergo Motorola’s exclusive Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) that simulates up to 5 years of field use. The 2-Watt UHF radio provides coverage up to 250,000 square feet (almost 6 acres) and up to 20 floors. Higher-powered radios are available. ■


The Law Office of Adele L. Abrams PC is a ten-attorney firm with offices in the DC area, Denver, and West Virginia, which focuses on representing employers and contractors in federal OSHA, MSHA, and EPA litigation nationwide. The firm’s attorneys include safety professionals and an industrial hygienist who also offer confidential safety, health, and employment law compliance audits and training. We can also provide webinar training and consultation for companies and their supervisors.
The Law Office also represents employers in employment law cases in MD, DC, PA, WV, MT, and MI. Our attorneys are also admitted to US District Courts of MD, DC, MI, TN, and WV, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC, 3rd and 4th Circuits, and the United States Supreme Court.
Don’t go it alone in your next OSHA, MSHA, or EPA case: The stakes are getting higher and can include criminal prosecution! The Law Office’s website is www.safety-law.com. ■


Alkota Cleaning Systems, Inc. leads the industry in pressure washers and steam cleaners for the cleaning equipment market. Through its large number of standard production pressure washers and steam cleaners, Alkota can deliver the right machine for almost every cleaning job. For those that require something other than the standard range of options, Alkota has the expertise to design and manufacture special custom equipment to satisfy that need.
Alkota’s standard product line pressure washers range from 2 GPM to 10 GPM with pressures from 1200 PSI to 5000 PSI. This includes both hot and cold water pressure washers. Each pressure washer comes standard in electric driven, gasoline engine driven, diesel engine driven, plus a hydraulic-motor driven. Standard hot water pressure washers are rated from 200,000 to 1,040,000 BTU’s. Fuels used for heating water includs diesel, home heating fuel, kerosene, natural gas, LP gas, and electricity. ■
Alkota Cleaning Systems
800.255.6823 • www.alkota.com


More than 18 years ago, Al Behr, inventor of the drop-deck trailer and founder of Airtow Trailers, recognized a growing need for a safer way for his customers to load and unload light and heavy-duty equipment from a trailer. Today, his revolutionary products are shaping the trailer industry.
“We didn’t just set out to make the best ground-level loading trailer on the market. We set out to exceed the expectations of our customers and, in doing so, ended up with the most innovative, durable, and easy-to-use drop-deck trailer available,” says Travis Townsend, sales and marketing manager.
The Airtow Trailer is a heavy-duty, ground-level loading trailer that’s perfect for driving on low-clearance equipment, such as scissor lifts, forklifts, and pavement sweepers. That means you can load quicker and safer with one-man operation in any weather condition—sun, rain, snow, or ice—conditions where trailers with dangerous ramps or difficult tilt beds and poor traction would be too risky to use.
What’s more, Airtow is the only trailer of its kind that has advance engineered air suspension. This system automatically senses and adjusts for the weight you’re carrying and it adjusts for any differences in weight from one side to the other, always keeping the trailer level. The result is an extremely smooth ride, not only protecting the cargo, but also reducing the wear and tear on the tow vehicle.
Townsend concludes, “Our success is based on three simple goals: Make it easy to use, make it safe, and make it last a long time. At the end of the day, that’s what matters when you’re shelling out hard-earned money for a piece of equipment.”
Rock Line Products is proving once again to be the industry leader with its newest, most innovative product to date. This top-secret trailer will be unveiled in January 2015. Stay tuned!
Visit www.airtow.com for more information, or call today to speak with a representative, 800.479.7975. ■


It’s not about products. It’s about products that save time, money, and energy, and deliver on your investment.
Seventy years ago, the world was at war, and the United States was in a serious conservation mode, only it wasn’t called “green” then. Steel, along with everything else, was in short supply when H. S. Meshorer, founder of Amalgamated Steel in Cleveland, Ohio, introduced Grip-Lug®, an innovative technique to rebuild worn crawler tracks, which extended the life of the track. Regrousing helped conserve steel by eliminating the need to replace track shoes. Grip-Lug, the first product developed by Amalgamated, is still sold today.
Allied was born with a mindset: find solutions that solve problems. Allied grew from its original five employees and seven accounts into an international manufacturer of hydraulically actuated construction tools and attachments.
Since Grip-Lug, there has been a continuous string of innovative products. In 1965, it was Ho-Pac®, the first backhoe-mounted vibratory compactor/driver. In 1966, the Ho-Ram 6000 became the first commercially successful air hammer. In 1968, combining hydraulics and impact technology, the engineers at Allied introduced the Hy-Ram®, the first successful backhoe-mounted hydraulic impact hammer. Since the original Hy-Ram, Allied has introduced more than 50 models. Today, combined with the Rammer brand hydraulic hammers, Allied has the broadest line of breakers in the market.
In 1971, it was a recognized fact that the industry had neglected to provide users a dependable pedestal boom, so Allied designed and engineered a product that not only filled the need but also set the standard.
It was also in 1971 that Allied saw the need for “trenchless excavating” and started marketing its ground piercing tool, the Hole-Hog®.
It was in August 2003 that Allied Construction Products and Sandvik Tamrock Corp. announced that they would combine their demolition attachments business in the NAFTA marketplace. The combined company sells its breakers and other construction products under the Rammer and Allied brand names.
Under its current president and CEO, Ed Turner, who assumed the leadership position in March 2010, Allied is more ready to meet the changing market challenges than it has ever been. “In order to achieve our goals,” Turner says, “we must think globally and act locally. We do have great products, and have had for many years, but more importantly, we have great people. Sales sell the first one, but product and aftermarket support sells the rest.”
Turner says, “We now have a new generation of hammers that are environmentally friendly.” Allied reaches its markets through more than 200 distributors and an aggressive, informed sales force of district managers. The strong relationship with our distributors is built on mutual confidence, which is Allied’s major success.
Allied’s distributors, because of the communication and support, get to the heart of customer service. With our distributor organization, we give our customers local sales and service support. The most important thing to us is maintaining customer uptime. We do this with a top-notch (high performance) sales team. Distributors who have been with Allied for 20 to 30 years are the real testament to our successful distributor network.
Allied’s oldest distributor, Highway Equipment Company, has been with Allied for 28 years. According to Thom Reynolds, president, Allied’s product mix puts them on the leading edge. The semi-annual distributor trips help solidify Allied’s distributor relationships. “When you associate for a week or so with the management and sales force of Allied,” says Reynolds, “you become closer. The business activities become more human than ones conducted using cell phones and email. You know them better and you develop a trust.”
Allied, which began as a small steel business, has evolved into a leading manufacturer of attachments and other safety-enhancing, labor-saving equipment. The fact that Allied celebrated its 70th anniversary demonstrates its commitment to the construction market. Allied provides quality products through a top-notch distributor network. The end result of Allied’s dedication is successful, knowledgeable distributors who serve their end-users’ needs as well. When teamed up with Allied, everyone wins. ■


Asphalt Shingle Grinding Service, LLC (ASGS) is dedicated to recycling asphalt shingles (RAS). Recycled asphalt shingles are becoming a valued commodity in the recycling community, as well as in the asphalt industry. Every year, 11 million tons of waste shingles are produced and, for the most part, disposed of in traditional landfills. Since asphalt is 100 percent recyclable, this is an unnecessary waste of resources. As either post
consumer (tear-off) or manufactures waste (MW), RAS can be used to replace or amend the “recipe” asphalt producers use in their production of hot-mix asphalt. Over the last 2 decades, Asphalt Shingle Grinding Service, LLC has become a leader in the market and a recognized innovator. In the last 5 years alone, ASGS has diverted over 1 million tons of shingles from landfills to highways. ■


Alpine Equipment is the industry leader in hydraulic rock and concrete grinder attachments, roadheaders, shaft sinkers, and soil remediation equipment, with more than 40 years of expertise in North America. Our customers range from owner-operators to the largest tunneling firms. Alpine supplies attachments for construction, demolition, excavation, scaling, trenching, mining, and tunneling. The rotary cutter heads come in a range of sizes to fit on skid steer loaders, backhoes, and excavators, or any equipment with a hydraulic circuit. With a range of options and customizations, we can get you working more efficiently and with more precision than your current tools. Many of our customers are using the cutter head for concrete scaling projects for highway rehab or shotcrete cleanup. The power, flexibility, and precision of the Alpine concrete grinder enable this as a highly useful tool in a variety of jobs.
Visit our website to learn more about Alpine’s new line of attachments: RockWheel. These German-made attachments offer a broader range of sizes for larger and smaller jobs, making virtually any sized skid steer, backhoe, or excavator a rock and concrete cutting machine! The new axial-drum trenching RockWheel is an innovative solution for vertical-wall trenching in hard rock. These tools, available for purchase or rent, will accelerate project efficiency by providing precise, powerful rock and concrete cutting. ■
Visit us: www.alpinecutters.com


Randy Strait didn’t set out to build snow pushers. In 1978, he was just a guy with a beat up truck and a makeshift plow, determined to keep his budding snow removal company profitable. But he soon realized if Arctic Snow & Ice Control was ever going to reach his vision for service and success, he needed a competitive edge that would not only increase revenue, but also would reduce his overall expenses.
He took everything he knew about conventional snowplows, and their shortcomings, and designed his own pusher. One-piece moldboards were out. Rigid cutting edges were gone. And static side panels became a thing of the past. An innovative concept in pusher design, Randy’s pushers were comprised of smaller, individual moldboard sections equipped with trip edges and mechanical side panels. Complete with steel cutting edges and a patented hitch system, he achieved his competitive edge and a whole lot more.
Because the pusher was designed specifically to help build his own snow-removal business, it wasn’t until competitive snow removal contractors approached him that he even thought about manufacturing the pushers for sale. Contractor-developed and contractor-owned, Sectional Sno-Pusher™ was the first of its kind on the market and continues to lead the industry in value, performance, and innovation.
Time after time and lot after lot, no other plow clears like the Sectional Sno-Pusher™ from Arctic. Our unique sectional design allows the plow to follow the contour of the surface grade, clearing down to pavement on the first pass. And the innovative features of the plow protect the lot, the equipment, and your operator. See what sets Arctic’s Sectional Sno-Pusher™ apart. ■


Britespan Building Systems Inc. offers steel-framed, fabric-covered buildings, as temporary, permanent and portable solutions for a wide range of applications. Your building is a major investment and you take it seriously; so do we. Our vision is not just about buildings; it’s about providing innovative building solutions to meet all of your needs.
As an industry innovator, Britespan has been supplying steel-framed fabric buildings with a simple philosophy: build the best product and offer the best customer support. This philosophy drives Britespan to constantly innovate its products, from completely new building lines to new accessories, new installation methods, and new foundation options.
Britespan is constantly challenging the status quo and offers more building styles, more sizes, and more shapes than any other supplier in the steel-framed fabric buildings industry.
Britespan buildings are pre-engineered in clearspan widths up to 160 feet and can be manufactured to any length. The thermally non-conductive properties of our covers ensure a warmer interior during cold months and a cooler interior during hot months.
Our buildings are a fast, economical solution for equipment storage, warehousing, salt/sand storage, and recycling operations, to name a few. These jobsite buildings provide ample height and extraordinary clearance for access, ease of movement, and loading and handling. There are no internal columns to interfere with bays, trucks, tools, or heavy machinery. Store your vehicles, equipment, and other assets indoors, protected from inclement weather, and freezing conditions.
Natural ventilation and abundant sunlight dispersed through the translucent covers in these equipment storage buildings eliminate moisture and provide a healthy, sunny, and shadow-free environment that people enjoy working in. Britespan buildings are a superior choice to wood or steel buildings for heavy-equipment storage, large vehicle garages, temporary construction buildings, and more.
Choosing a Britespan fabric building means your business can gain the benefits of increased storage space or operational manufacturing space sooner. Often a Britespan fabric building can be delivered and constructed in less time than other building styles.
Britespan buildings can be customized to suit your needs, such as door locations and sizes, insulation, and foundation materials. Your building needs to follow in design and function. Doors can be located in building end walls or side walls to match your traffic flow, and buildings can even be attached to other buildings as required. ■


The Carnie Cap™ impalement protection system allows you to use only two or three rebar caps per each 8-foot section, and holds 2×4 or 2×6 lumber in place above the protruding rebar for excellent impalement protection. The system works well because at impact, the rebar is absorbed directly into the lumber rather than deflected off to the side where impalement can still occur.
Carnie Caps can be used in horizontal, vertical, and incline applications. The caps are fast and easy to use. Due to their innovative design, the caps rarely fall off, saving additional time and labor costs.
Carnie Cap now carries other USA-made concrete products, such as rebar supports, mesh supports, double tee accessories, coil protectors, safety stanchion holders, and stanchions, all at competitive prices. ■
Visit www.carniecap.com for further information and see other innovative products offered by Carnie Cap, Inc.


Casella is a leader in rugged, project-ready instrumentation solutions for site safety and environmental applications. Products include the Boundary Guardian™, a real-time monitor that measures noise, dust, and other environmental parameters 24/7 with minimal effort on the part of the Contractor—install, plug in, and in minutes the system starts sending environmental compliance data via cellular network to a secure website for access
by authorized users. When noise or dust levels exceed acceptable limits, the system automatically sends an email or text message alert to the site supervisor, project manager, site safety manager, or any other designated recipient. Housed in a compact weather-proof enclosure, the Boundary Guardian™ is almost unnoticeable on the jobsite and is easily secured. Measures to globally recognized standards for accuracy and compliance. Casella is a subsidiary of IDEAL Industries, a trusted supplier of electrical products and tools to contractors worldwide. ■



Cleanfix® Reversible Fans have been designed to maximize your investment and to make your existing fleet last longer. The Cleanfix Reversible Fan system is the answer to all problems associated with radiator cleaning.
Modern agricultural, construction, recycling, and forest machines are equipped with up to six radiators and their fan capacity is enormous. The problem: The fan becomes a vacuum cleaner and in no time radiators and air-intake screens get clogged. You are familiar with the annoying results of this inevitable process: overheating of the engine, transmission, and hydraulics, need for more frequent maintenance, higher fuel consumption, and reduced performance of the air-conditioning. Fuel, repair, cleaning, and downtime may easily cost you several thousands of dollars each year.
Cleanfix Reversible Fans provide cooling system cleaning solutions where airborne debris clogs cooling systems. Cleanfix Reversible Fans also help to significantly reduce your fuel usage in a wide-range of operating conditions. Clean cooling system air paths allow engines to run more efficiently. ■
Save money and time—get a Cleanfix Reversible Fan!


Company Wrench was founded in 1999 when Brad Hutchinson (owner) started a truck, trailer, and equipment shop with a 24-hour wrecking and recovery service. The unique name, Company Wrench, found its origins during this phase and was born from conversations with stranded truck operators asking for mechanical assistance: “Can you send over your company wrench?” (slang for in-house mechanic)
Today, Company Wrench is a heavy equipment dealer specializing in rental, sales, parts, and service for the construction, demolition, scrap and recycling, and mining industries. Company Wrench has a wide selection of heavy equipment including: Kobelco excavators; Liugong wheel loaders, excavators, rollers; Laymor sweepers; Sany excavators; Gehl skid steers, track loaders, mini excavators, and articulated loaders; Dressta dozers; Fuchs material handlers; and Screen Machine crushers and screeners. They also have a huge attachment inventory including: LaBounty shears, grapples, processors, and pulverizers; Stanley hammers; Indeco hammers; Fuchs orange peel grapples; Anvil orange peel grapples, clam shell buckets; and Winkle magnets.
Company Wrench not only offers the lease, sale, and rental of various attachments and equipment, they also work with customers to implement new ideas to make the job more profitable and go more smoothly. These ideas come from C.W. Machine Worx, Company Wrench’s very own manufacturing branch. Their engineering and fabrication department has the experience, the latest in CAD software, and a 15,000-square-foot fabrication shop to provide the best conversion services and most innovative product designs in the heavy equipment industry. Some of their innovations include custom-built High Reach machines that reach up to 95 feet, custom Long Reach machines, Dual Pin Booms-for extended reach, and patented or patent-pending items like the 2nd member hammer bracket, the CP100 Magnet Combo, and the HAWC and NEW Mini HAWC dust suppression machine.
The HAWC, or High-pressure Air Water Cannon, was designed and patented to provide large volumes of properly-sized mist droplets, and to eject mist so as to cover very large areas or serve very large volumes, such as those presented in demolition operation wherein larger buildings are brought down and eject large volumes of particulate matter as they fall. In addition, it was designed to be able to direct and redirect misting fluids toward different areas or through different volumes with the option of varying heights at any given jobsite. The design also provides automatic and/or reciprocating sweep angles in the misting output. This reduces labor in applications where otherwise an operator would have to be on station to constantly vary the aim of the mist output. Another benefit to the design is the ability to vary the overall mist output and output throw distance depending upon the given application.
The patented CP100 Magnet Combo is another unique attachment designed by C.W. Machine Worx that can crush concrete and sort rebar at the same time. See how this attachment can save time and money by watching the video located on Company Wrench’s website.
The new 2nd member hammer machine is a breakthrough in engineering and design in the world of heavy equipment. This newly engineered 2nd Member Hammer Bracket setup has the ability to mount a 16,000 lb/ft hammer on a 108,000 lb. machine, instead of using the same hammer on a 193,000 lb. machine. Renting this machine can save big money on fuel and transportation costs by using a smaller machine to run a larger attachment. There is also an action packed video of the 2nd member hammer machine at a demolition site on our website.
Company Wrench’s success was built and is maintained by providing each of our customers our “Cutting Edge Customer Service.” Although the days of 24-hour wrecking are far from view, 24-hour customer service has never left our minds. Company Wrench is more than a company name, it’s an attitude.
Check out Company Wrench’s innovative product videos at www.companywrench.com/video or visit www.companywrench.com for the latest products for sale or rent! ■


Cretex Specialty Products, the innovator and leading manufacturer of Internal and External Manhole Chimney Seals, has been providing quality products for more than 33 years with a focus on stopping wet weather inflow and infiltration in sanitary sewer manholes.
With the success of the original Cretex Chimney Seal products, a need developed for other products, most recently, a lightweight Manhole Grade Adjustment Ring System
called PRO-RING™. After extensive development and testing, PRO-RING™ was introduced to the market in December of 2009, and since that time, PRO-RING™ has become accepted by 13 state and provincial DOT’s and hundreds of cities throughout the United States and Canada. More than 20,000 units of the PRO-RING™ have been furnished and are now available in square and rectangular versions for storm inlets. ■


Founded in 1934 and marketed in the U.S. since 1992, Double Coin tires have grown in popularity every year. In off-the-road tire arena, our wide range of All-Steel constructed radial off-the-road (ROTR) products meets industry standards throughout the world. No matter what requirement presents itself, from an 8-inch radial industrial lug to the giant 57-inch radial earthmover tire, Double Coin has the industry covered.
Double Coin’s full ROTR line-up includes products for G-2, E-3, L-3, L-5, and E-4 applications, as well as high-speed mobile crane and radial industrial crane products. In addition, the 27.00R49 REM-9 E-4 is one of Double Coin’s most successful products and is available in three different tread compounds (standard, heat resistant, and cut resistant) that promote tread life, performance, and retreadability. Whether it’s coal, aggregates, precious metals, or other important cargo being hauled, the REM-9 is a workhorse in the mine and is helping lower tire operating costs at a variety of companies across North America.
With more than 80 ROTR SKUs available in North America, Double Coin is utilized at some of the most progressive equipment OEMs today. As profits have tightened and OEMs look for alternative options that do not compromise quality, Double Coin ROTR and Radial High Speed Mobile Crane products are fitting the wheel! After more than a decade of ROTR production for the aggregate and off-the-road industry, our continuing success led to further expansion plans for new ROTR products.
In the market today are the high capacity 51-inch and 57-inch ROTR products for the largest haul truck applications. ■
To learn more about Double Coin’s offerings, or to read
customer testimonials, visit www.doublecointires.com,
or call 888.226.5250.


The Eartec Company began in 1961 as a supplier of portable wired intercoms to high school and college football coaches. Now, 50 years later, Eartec is a leading manufacturer of rugged, yet affordable, communication equipment designed specifically for the construction marketplace.
The latest innovation in Eartec’s line of unique wireless intercoms is COMSTAR, a multi-station system that allows up to eight people to communicate in full duplex.  This means that users can talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone.
The hands free, instantaneous voice communication provided by COMSTAR allows crews to perform safely and efficiently by coordinating placement, truck positioning, spotting, and a multitude of important jobsite chores.  A variety of heavy duty, mid-weight, and lightweight headsets are also available. ■
800.399.5994 • info@eartec.com


Efficiency Production, Inc.—America’s Trench Box Builder—provides the widest selection of standard and custom trench shielding & shoring systems, including:

  • Steel and Aluminum Trench Shields
  • Steel Manhole Shields
  • Build-A-Box™ Aluminum Modular Trench Shielding
  • Hydraulic Shores, Rescue Shores, Hi-Clearance Shores, and Hydraulic Aluminum Shields

Additionally, Efficiency Production manufactures the country’s PREMIER Slide Rail System, supported by the manufacturer’s vaunted Special Operations Shoring Division; the nation’s most experienced team of Slide Rail experts and installers. All products are P.E. certified to meet OSHA standards. Efficiency also supplies and services a full range of construction support equipment, such as:

  • Stone Mizer™ Bedding Box Material Containers
  • Porta-Tank™ Water-Tank & Power-Spray System
  • Road Plate
  • Pipe Plugs
  • Pipe Pullers
  • Fall Protection
  • Gas Monitors

Efficiency also offers a full range of custom engineering. Engineering support from Efficiency includes pre-bid CAD system drawings; special application design for highly challenging jobsite conditions; sales, marketing, and customer service support; and on-site installation assistance from the country’s foremost Slide Rail System and Trench Shielding Specialists.
Incorporated in 1971, Efficiency Production, Inc. was the first shoring manufacturer to commercially manufacture and distribute trench shields in the United States and Canada. Since then, Efficiency has grown to be the leading manufacturer of trench shielding and shoring equipment. With a staff of professional engineers, product specialists, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Efficiency provides products throughout the United States, Canada, South America, and many other parts of the world.
Efficiency Production, “America’s Trench Box Builder™,” provides the widest selection of standard and custom trench shielding and shoring systems. Efficiency’s versatile products are designed specifically for safe and cost effective installation of utility systems and infrastructure improvements. ■
More information can be found at: www.efficiencyshoring.com


In 1988, Elk River started a modest manufacturing operation with twelve products and a handful of employees, producing safe, quality products. Today, there are more than 60 Elk River employees manufacturing more than 1,600 line items that are shipped globally, while continually priding ourselves in quality products. Our traditional values and quality contribute to your company’s commitment to safety and productivity through comfortable personal protective equipment. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet all OSHA Regulations, ANSI Standards, and CSA Standards. Elk River has earned ISO
9001-2000 Certification, testimony to years of excellence in product design, development, production, and customer service. Elk River constantly gives you the products you need, when you need them. Backed by our first-class customer service representatives, we are equipped to discuss any specific applications you may encounter. The combination of values, quality, and expertise allows us to provide the highest level of quality and service. ■



Diesel engines all produce heat, and yet heat is the enemy of your engine. It’s the job of the cooling system to move heat away from the engine into the ambient air and keep metal temperatures under control. Water has been used for more than 100 years because it does the best job of transferring heat away from an engine.
So why go waterless in your coolant? Most coolants contain 50 percent water, but water has its limitations and causes corrosion and electrolysis.
Evans Waterless Coolant removes those limitations and provides efficient cooling to maintain continual productivity, even at temperatures well above the boiling point of water.
Water’s low boiling point allows the formation of vapor, and when vapor pockets form between the liquid and the metal, hotspots and overheating result. Water’s low boiling point of 212°F is, in essence, the temperature at which engine failure begins. Maintaining constant liquid to metal contact is critical for efficient engine cooling.
Evans’ high boiling point of 375°F is more than 100 degrees higher than the boiling point of water-based coolant. With the boiling point barrier lifted, Evans maintains its liquid state and allows continual operation in extreme conditions.
If heat is not controlled, the engine risks detonation and lack of performance, resulting in loss of production. With no vapor formation, Evans operates at a much lower, safer pressure. There’ll be no gusher of coolant spraying out, and frequent topping off is not necessary. Evans protects against cold weather too — from minus 40°F to 375°F.
If the heat is not adequately controlled, critical components, such as water pumps, valves, and cylinder heads, suffer extreme damage. Evans avoids corrosion, electrolysis, and protects against cylinder liner cavitation erosion. Eliminating these problems improves durability and prolongs engine life. Evans will last the life of your engine and never needs changing. ■
Visit www.evanscooling.com, or call 888.990.2665.


The Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management concentrates on the management skills and construction business knowledge required for the continually changing environment of the industry. Everglades University students are educated in Construction Contracts; Building Codes and Quality Control; Construction Scheduling; Construction Law; Building Construction Drawing; and Managing a Construction Project.This comprehensive curriculum provides students with a solid education and broad knowledge in business and management applications. The degree program prepares graduates for productive careers in the construction industry as project managers, construction managers, estimators, and many more positions. There is a wide variety of opportunities for construction management degree graduates. Everglades University bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are offered at four ground campuses located in Florida or 100-percent online. Additional degree programs are available at all campuses. ■
To learn more call 888.854.8308, or visit EvergladesUniversity.edu.


More than 50 years ago, we had a vision to create pneumatic blowing equipment that would allow for the profitable and efficient application of a variety of materials, including soil blends, composts, aggregates, and mulch. Express Blower, Inc. is now the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of equipment that provides material, installation in many industries, including erosion control, green roofs, and landscape.
With an Express Blower’s productivity, you will increase the speed and efficiency of each job, enabling you to complete and bill more jobs. And with its advanced capabilities, you’ll extend your season and be able to enter new markets.
Express Blower equipment models are configured as either fully integrated chassis and box units or as completely self-contained boxes ready to be truck or trailer mounted. Our patented feed system became standard only after years of experience proved this system more durable and dependable than other designs. Other standard features include a computerized control package; remote radio control; solid belt floor design and reversible pressure sensitive augers that move material consistently without bridging and also prevent loss of material; hydraulic tailgate for easy bulk offloading; dust suppression system; and safety shutdown systems.
With the exclusive and patented Supplemental Injection System available on all Express Blower equipment, Terraseeding® becomes the most effective seeding process available today. Terraseeding is the calibrated injection of seed into compost, mulch, or soil mix as the material is blown in place. Use for new turf installation, renovation, or erosion control blankets/berms and experience faster and more uniform seed germination. ■


Global Sales Group offers a line of EZ Oil Drain Valve for a quick and easy oil change. The valve replaces the traditional drain plug on the oil pan and makes the oil draining process as simple as just flipping the lever. The valve comes with a locking lever mechanism to prevent accidental opening. More than 30 sizes are available to fit any Gas/Diesel engines.
For industrial engine applications, the valve comes with a barbed hose end for easy hose connection. The valve is also ideal for routine oil analysis as a small amount of sample oil can be drained even when the engine is running.
Global supplies the valves to major engine/equipment OEMs, such as Caterpillar, JLG, Deutz Engine, and offers the product through aftermarket distributors nationwide.
The product details can be viewed at www.EZoildrain.com and the product introduction video link is https://vimeo.com/104130269. ■
For any questions or inquiries, email EZoildrain@msn.com, or call 425.999.1200.


Fall Protection Systems (FPS) is the number one fall protection provider in North America. We offer the most reliable, user-friendly systems with the best warranty in the business. With 20 years of experience as the industry leader, we have revolutionized the working environment of America. FPS’ team of professional engineers work exclusively on fall protection to provide your organization with an engineered solution that fits your needs.
From the initial point of contact through the installation of your system, FPS will take care of it all. We offer annual inspection services as well, ensuring that your employees remain protected at all times. Should you be looking for smaller-scale fall protection or portable fall protection, our online store www.fpssales.com offers do-it-yourself kits, self-retracting lifelines, harnesses, and much more. ■
www.fallprotectionsys tems.com


Felling Trailers is a family owned and operated full line trailer manufacturer located in Central Minnesota that was started in 1974 by Mr. Merle J. Felling. Felling Trailers has grown from a small shop to a factory and office complex that today covers more than 250,000 square feet. Felling Trailers currently manufactures more than 3,500 trailers a year, ranging from a 3,000 lb. utility trailer to a 120,000 lb. hydraulic gooseneck trailer, and its standard trailer line includes over 220 models.


Its engineers utilize the latest industry-leading design techniques along with their experienced metal craftsmen and cutting-edge technology to turn its customers’ conceptual trailer needs into a tangible product. Felling continually researches and implements new technologies to reduce lead-time and increase production in the manufacturing plant.
Felling Trailers provides a high-quality product that is distributed across North America and internationally. For more information, contact 800.245.2809, sales@felling.com, or visit www.felling.com. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. ■


GME is the producer of the world’s most complete line of Trench Shoring and Shielding equipment. The products offered range from a single hydraulic shore system, steel trench shields, aluminum trench shields, modular aluminum trench shields (Lite-ShieldTM), slide rail systems, and the MD Brace system—the only hydraulic bracing system produced in North America. Through our extensive distribution network, our products can be found on a countless number of jobsites around the globe.
As an industry pioneer since the 1960’s, GME quickly took a leadership position in product design and industry development. Since the beginning, GME has led the industry in product development, innovation, and effectiveness.
Our original facility in Union City, Michigan, has been expanded over the years to meet the growth demands of the industry. Currently, we have three plants dedicated to trench shield and trench shoring production, two located in Union City, Michigan, and one located in Ft. Worth, Texas. Coupled with a sales force that offers more than 100 years of collective experience in the trench shoring and shielding industry, GME is able to provide our customers with the solutions they need to get their projects completed.
With a dedicated Research and Development team, including an in-house Senior Registered Professional Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the trench shoring and trench shield industry, GME is able to continually improve upon its products and product selection, proving that GME is the industry leader in product innovation by providing its end users with the proper equipment they need to be successful.
The continued mission of GME is to deliver world-class trench protection equipment and customer solutions by anticipating and going beyond their expectations.
GME will accomplish its mission by complying with four key values:

  • Honestly and integrity
  • Respect for individuals and the team … people are our most important resource
  • Seeking excellence … 100% dedication to continuous improvement
  • Commitment to satisfy our valued customers

For more information call 800.248.2054, or visit www.gme-shields.com. ■


GPS Insight provides fleet and asset tracking software for construction businesses. The businesses that use fleet tracking see a significant reduction in operating costs and risk, and increases in revenue.
Fleet tracking solutions, like GPS Insight, are much more than just dots on a map—they are vehicle and asset location intelligence platforms.
In 2004, Rob Donat, founder and CEO of GPS Insight, was a software consultant in Phoenix, Arizona. He was approached by a local aggregates hauling company interested in finding a fleet tracking software to implement into their business operations. Rob was tasked with helping them select a solution that could meet all their needs.
After doing extensive research into the telematics space, Rob identified that there was a gap in the market. When Rob compared fleet tracking solutions, he discovered that none would fit all of his client’s needs without having to pay for extensive customizations. Rob realized that he could create a customizable fleet tracking software that would fit the needs of many different businesses across the fleet industry. From that idea, the GPS Insight Fleet & Asset Tracking Solution was created. GPS Insight’s fleet and asset tracking solution was introduced to the marketplace in 2005 and has since become a powerful player in the telematics space.
At GPS Insight, we strive to keep our industry leading software on the cutting edge by adding new features and enhancing our existing functionality. Software features include a customizable dashboard interface to track all your vehicles and assets in real time, custom alerts and reports, driver messaging, optimized routing, engine diagnostics, and more. Even with significant growth, innovation and client success remain our main focus.
There are many ways that construction businesses can benefit from fleet tracking software. If your construction fleet is made up of light duty pickup trucks, or you have a mixed fleet with many types of vehicles and equipment, the GPS Insight Fleet & Asset Tracking Solution will improve the way you manage your fleet.
How construction companies benefit from tracking their fleet with GPS tracking:

  • Reduce fuel costs by eliminating excessive idle time, unauthorized usage, and fuel card fraud. Set up GPS alerts and reports to stay on top of the metrics that could be adding unnecessary expenses to your fleet operations.
  • Dispatch more efficiently by locating your trucks quickly through powerful mapping capabilities. Advanced dispatching allows you to choose the best and closest vehicle or equipment so you send the best resource for the job every time.
  • Extend the lifecycle of trucks and equipment by utilizing the maintenance module within the GPS Insight platform. Receive automated service reminders to avoid replacing vehicles and equipment sooner that necessary.
  • Protect your fleet against theft and recover stolen property faster. Be alerted if any vehicle or asset in your fleet is moving when or where it shouldn’t be and report its current location to authorities. ■




For the past 15 years, GPS North America has provided complete, fully integrated fleet management and asset tracking solutions. GPS North America provides GPS tracking with integrated dispatch, navigation, Electronic Driver Logs, trailer tracking, and products for locating any company asset. Our tamperproof, discrete, and easy-to-install hardware is proudly manufactured in the USA.
With SignalTrack’s easy-to-use routing feature, you will be able to optimize driver routes to decrease fuel usage, unnecessary overtime, and wear-and-tear on your vehicles, while increasing customer service.
GPS North America also specializes in development and support of Paperless Forms for mobile data collection. In addition, GPS North America is a GSA Certified Vendor, and our contract allows federal, state, and local government buyers to purchase off of this award. ■


From ready-mixed concrete construction and precast concrete fabrication to engineered structural fills and soil stabilization technologies, Headwaters Resources supplies materials that make building products perform better.
Power plants fueled by coal produce about half of the electricity consumed in the United States today. In addition to electricity, these plants produce materials like fly ash, bottom ash, boiler slag, and FGD products that can be used as ingredients for improving the performance of a wide variety of products. Fly ash, for example, improves concrete performance by making it stronger, more durable, and more resistant to chemical attack. It even makes concrete mixes more workable by improving flowability, reducing water demand, and in some cases, reducing the amount of sand needed in the mix.
Fly ash use also creates significant benefits for our environment. Fly ash use conserves natural resources and avoids landfill disposal of ash products. By making concrete more durable, lifecycle costs of roads and structures are reduced. Furthermore, fly ash use partially displaces production of other concrete ingredients, resulting in significant energy savings. When fly ash is used to replace cement, it reduces the need for cement production—a highly energy-intensive process that also creates significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.
Headwaters Resources is America’s largest manager and marketer of coal combustion byproducts, including fly ash and bottom ash. With fly ash sources located across the nation, Headwaters Resources operates an extensive network of terminals and transportation equipment, all designed to ensure concrete producers and other clients receive quality material when they need it. In addition to unparalleled customer service, Headwaters Resources maintains its own testing and research facility to assist in solving challenges faced by individual customers and to investigate new uses for coal ash byproducts. Headwaters is the industry leader in driving higher utilization of coal combustion byproducts in traditional applications, such as concrete, soil stabilization, and structural fills, and is a pioneer in expanding utilization in building products, such as concrete block, brick, tile, mortar, and stucco. ■
For more information on Headwaters Resources and coal combustion byproducts, visit www.flyash.com.



Hendrickson’s Composilite™ SC family of  “Steerable Compliant” series of lift axles delivers all the advantages haulers have come to expect with Hendrickson products: reliability, cost-effectiveness, and innovation. The Composilite family offers a full range of capacities from 10,000 to 20,000 pounds.
The SCT13, our most popular capacity offering, is rated at 13,500 pounds and now offers a reduced system weight up to 69 pounds per axle and a minimized package space of 22.1 inches. Hendrickson has taken tie rod technology one step further by introducing the patent pending Compliant Tie Rod (CTR) with PerfecTrak™ technology … the first compliant tie rod assembly and dampening system. This technology was designed to help lower maintenance costs and increase uptime by providing a resilient, impact resistant tie rod assembly.
In addition to the SCT Family, Hendrickson offers SCO13 and SCO20 Roll-Off, SCH10 High Lift Steer, and SCR13 Reverse Steer Axles.
Adjustable Frame Width

  • Zero spacers = 33.5-inch frame width
  • One spacer per side = 34-inch frame width
  • Two spacers per side = 34.5-inch frame width
  • Design allows for adjustment with no disassembly

Adjustable Ride Height

  • Suspension travel combined with adjustable spacers allows for a ride height range of 4 inches
  • Spacer tubing slotted to fit properly into place; allows stocking of one part number for multiple applications and easier installation

Fabricated Knuckle and Integrated Brake

  • Reduces overall weight of suspension and allows for Ackerman customization

SCT10, SCT13 and SCO13 offer a 31-degree Wheel Cut

  • Helps prevent tire scrub

SCT10 and SCT13 Truck Mounts Provide a 22.1-inch Package    

  • Space from spindle centerline to front face of hanger

Hanger Design

  • Suspensions fit flat to the frame to allow for maximum cylinder clearance on Roll-Offs
  • Allows for easier installation

Draw Key Kingpin Design

  • Easier to service

The First Compliant Tie Rod (CTR) Assembly and Dampening System   

  • Delivers industry’s first passive steer Ackerman effectively controlling the relationship between inside wheel-turn angle and outside wheel-turn angle
  • 31-degrees of inside wheel cut
  • Eccentric adjustment simplifies the toe setting process
  • Natural rubber tie rod ends, designed for reliable use on heavy trucks, eliminates greasing of assembly
  • Self-centering achieved with the CTR eliminates service issues with coil-over damper
  • Minimizes chances of buckled tie rods due to road strikes
  • Uses new steering damper design to optimize road feel for lift axle use ■



Hitek Equipment, Inc. has been in business since December 1990, and in our 24 years, we have always specialized in bringing unique products to the North American market. Primarily working in the corrugated box industry, we have also brought in equipment for recycling, waste water treatment, and now construction. All our equipment is simple to use, low in maintenance, and parts and service come directly from our Kenosha, Wisconsin-based facility.
Our newest machine is the Malavasi Pavijet. The Pavijet is a mini paver that connects to your skid loader or mini excavator. The Pavijet is unique because of its flexibility and performance. The Pavijet Mini Pavers were developed to fill a niche between stand behind paving machines and the use of spreaders, drag boxes, or hand-spread asphalt. The Mini Pavers are simple to operate, maintain, and transport. They offer savings on both labor and material, while providing a high-quality finish.
Depending on the model, the Pavijet connects to a skid loader or mini excavator. The forward driving MG7 Mini Paver has a retractable screed that is heated and vibrates. The hopper can hold up to 3.5 tons of material and the machine can pave at a speeds up to 82 feet/minute. All functions are hydraulic, and because of the retractable screed, the machine is very versatile and able to avoid obstacles that may be in the way. Besides laying hot and cold asphalt, the Pavijet can also spread sand, gravel, crushed stones, and other materials.
The MG6 Mini Paver is reverse driving and useful for sidewalks, paths, trails, and driveways, or for applications where there isn’t space to move forward. The compact size of both models makes it possible to load a skid steer, Mini Paver, planer, and compactor onto a single trailer.
In addition to the Mini Pavers, Hitek Equipment is proud to offer two models of bitumen sprayers: the SprayCat, which is skid-mounted, and a truck-mounted version. ■
For more information on our products, contact Hitek Equipment at 262.842.1700, via email at info@minipaver.com, or visit www.minipaver.com.


InSite SiteWork Earthwork & Utility Estimating
Software provides cut and fill and sanitary and storm take-offs from:

  • Vector files (PDF and CAD)
  • Image files (PDF, TIF, and JPG files)
  • Data collectors (GPS, total station)

A coordinated cursor between the zoomed take-off window, a site overall, and 3-D Live provides instant validation that your take-off is correct. Select contours, including dashed existing lines on vector PDFs without tracing. Snap to building corners and curbs for CAD-like accuracy and align multi-page documents. Take a virtual drive through the site. ■


International Chem-Crete Corporation manufactures and sells a unique line of crystalline waterproofing products that penetrate into the surface of cured concrete to fill and seal pores and capillary voids, creating a permanent protective zone within the concrete. Once concrete is treated, water is prevented from penetrating through this protective zone and causing associated damage, such as freeze-thaw cracking, reinforcing steel corrosion, chloride ion penetration, and ASR related cracking.
Founded in 1969, in Dallas, Texas, Chem-Crete has grown into an international leader in waterproofing chemicals with exports to over 65 countries. Chem-Crete is focused on making environmentally-safe, water-based, and solvent-free waterproofing products. With the increasing emphasis on LEED certification in the U.S., Chem-Crete offers many green choices for waterproofing building projects. Chem-Crete offers the only concrete waterproofing technology that is known to be environmentally safe for treating bridges and roadways over open bodies of water, such as within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
Chem-Crete’s concrete waterproofing products are highlighted by their crystalline, water-based PaviX®, SofiX®, and YufiX® product lines. PaviX® 100 provides the ultimate all-weather protection for concrete highways, bridges, airport runways and taxiways, concrete railroad ties, gas station parking lots, dams, and other large structures. SofiX® 700 is a unique hydrophilic and hygroscopic product that is designed to permanently block moisture transmission in concrete or masonry structures up to 16 lbs. per 1,000 sq ft per 24 hrs and is widely used in industrial flooring and indoor parking structure applications.
YufiX® 1000 is a non-toxic, odorless, non-staining, water repellent, and sealant for concrete, masonry, and stone that protects surfaces from weathering, airborne, and rain-borne contaminants.
In addition to concrete waterproofing, Chem-Crete manufactures a large portfolio of products for applications, including: water-based concrete stains; concrete repairs; grouts, injections and foams; industrial flooring and coating; adhesives; surface treatments, sealers and bonding agents; joint sealants; and asphalt treatments.
For more information on Chem-Crete’s crystalline waterproofing solutions or its complete line of construction chemical products, contact Jay Stine, Chem-Crete director of sales, at 972.671.6477, or email j.stine@chem-crete.com. ■


Engines are the heart of Isuzu Motors Limited, an industry leader of more than 20 million diesel engines worldwide. Isuzu products, noted for reliability and durability, have stood the test of time.
Today, home base for the PowerTrain Division of Isuzu Motors America, LLC is Plymouth, Michigan. Thanks to the hard work and determination of this team, we are proud to offer more than 30 different engine models with power ranges beyond 500 hp, for use in both on- and off-road applications. And, with a growing network of master distributor locations and over 300 authorized service dealers in North America, it is easy for any customer to obtain the most advanced, reliable diesel engines in the world. Just ask our customers; they know they can count on us for much more than unparalleled engine performance.
The Isuzu distributor network is second to none. The distributors and dealers are the Isuzu Diesel experts in the field. Many of our locations can offer service anywhere, anytime, onsite at your location or in the shop. Our services include:

  • Warranty and administration
  • Parts availability
  • Complete Remanufactured Engine Programs

Isuzu understands when you need parts it needs to be easy, quick, and accurate. Quality Genuine Isuzu Parts can be obtained from our Distributor Network, which includes more than 300 authorized service outlets. These locations carry substantial parts inventories, ensuring parts are available when you need them. When a part you require is not in the distributor or dealer stock, they have access to the Isuzu Communication System (ICS) to inquire and place parts orders. Parts can be shipped direct from Isuzu Parts Distribution Centers in North America and even from Isuzu Motors Limited with ease. Should a critical need arise, our distributors have 24/7 access to all of the inventory in Isuzu Parts Distribution Centers in North America. Further, we support our distributors by providing up-to-date electronic parts catalogs and any technical support they require from us.
Genuine Isuzu Parts maintain the integrity of your Isuzu engine. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that a replacement part backed with the Isuzu name and engineered specifically for your Isuzu engine will provide the durability needed to go beyond getting the job done. Genuine Isuzu parts can be obtained at any of our distributor locations at www.isuzuengines.com.
A product’s warranty reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of its product. Isuzu takes pride in the technical expertise of its engineers as they work to ensure the Isuzu product is the best it can be in the marketplace. Isuzu is confident of the results its engine will produce, whether it is on an irrigation field, in a coal mine, providing backup power for a hospital, or even generating power in the Antarctic. It’s no wonder we receive feedback from our customers that Isuzu engines are very dependable, durable, quiet, and fuel efficient.
We can even offer an extended service plan to meet individual needs. For information on Extended Service Plans, please contact your local distributor.
Isuzu Motors America, LLC believes relationships should continue long after the customer says, “I will take it.” Making a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to ensure that our Distributor Network provides these high standards to all of our customers through continuous training, online support systems, and our team of highly trained service and business managers. We make certain our distributors receive committed service and support to assure you receive the same. ■


With industry-specific regulatory expertise, J. J. Keller helps companies eliminate risk related to driver and vehicle compliance. Our knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art systems, and advanced programs will help minimize your administrative burden and reduce your exposure to risk and liability.

  • Driver qualification file management / DQ Platinum®: Offload the time-consuming task of centralizing, standardizing, and maintaining your driver qualification files. We’ll manage all of your drivers’ required documents so they’re always compliant.
  • Log auditing: Reduce the risk of Hours of Service BASIC violations by letting our professional log auditors report compliance gaps.
    Drug and alcohol program management: Have complete program administration in compliance with Part 382 of the FMCRs, including random drug pool management, document auditing, and TPA services.
  • Tax & Licensing:
    Fuel Tax (IFTA) Reporting: Limit your tax liability and audit risk with this proprietary Service.
  • Licensing & Permitting: We will obtain initial licenses and permits including IFTA, IRP, HVUT, and UCR, and process annual renewals.
  • Title and registration: Avoid the burden of untitled and unregistered vehicles by outsourcing time-consuming title and registration work to us from start to finish.
  • CSA program administration: Protect your CSA rating by having our specialists collect, audit, and score your fleet safety information.

You’ll have a dedicated client service representative and 24/7 access to your data through our secure online client portal. With a customer retention rate of more than 98 percent, and more than 60 years of regulatory experience and expertise, we can handle your compliance tasks—no matter how tough they are. ■
Call 888.473.4638 today
for a no-obligation discussion
or visit jjkellerservices.com
Concrete & General Contractors Rely on KellerPermits® for oversize loads
When your business needs an oversize/overweight permit, you can count on fast, friendly, and helpful service from KellerPermits.
Over 24,000 fleets rely on us today—you can, too! Call us 24/7 at 800.231.5266 or kellerpermits.com.
Key Benefits:

  • You will work with a knowledgeable specialist who proactively checks on your permit status and contacts the states to stay in front of any issues.
  • We are experts in guiding you through the complexities of multi-state movements.
  • Ensure more on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction with our quick service.
  • Relieve your staff of this time-consuming task so they can focus on other priorities.
  • 24/7 live help from knowledgeable representatives.

We can also help you with trip permits, fuel permits, and mileage permits.


Why Tie When You Can Klip

Kodi Klip Corporation began as an idea in the mind of Jon Kodi, who envisioned a rebar connecting system revolutionizing the industry. Mr. Kodi had 30+ years of construction experience and wanted a method that would improve the traditional way of wire tying rebar. His idea of a plastic clip replacing tie wire became the invention known as “The Kodi Klip System.”
Kodi Klips are attached with a pneumatic tool that is driven onto and grips the rebar together. This system is faster, safer, and less fatiguing than any system used in the industry. Its four-point connection makes for a more stable mat, cage, or footing. The usage of this tool eliminates cuts and wrist fatigue common with wire tie, and burns and flash injuries from welding.
The use of the “Kodi Klip System” is faster, safer, and makes a stronger connection. KODI KLIP saves time, and you can take that to the bank. ■


In the past 50 years, as safety regulations have developed in the construction industry, Kong Italy, maker of some of the world’s best mountaineering products, has been called upon to manufacture certified equipment for work on height. Kong S.p.A., like other
European safety equipment manufacturers, makes strong, lightweight equipment that meets strict standards. Since early 2013, Kong USA, the Kong Italy subsidiary, has stocked this equipment in Bristol, Rhode Island, to better serve North American customers. ■
Call KONG USA at 401.253.3759,
or visit www.kongusa.com.


Kubota is the world-leading manufacturer of compact, multi-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engines up to 114 hp. Kubota engines are the most reliable and durable engines in the industry. Kubota Engine America Corporation (KEA) oversees the sale of industrial engines, generators, and parts throughout the Americas.
In keeping with Kubota’s tradition of providing products to meet their customer’s demands, KEA continually evaluates its products to find more ways to service its customers.
Recently, KEA introduced Genuine Kubota Oil to its product line. Genuine Kubota Oil is manufactured exclusively for Kubota Industrial Engines to meet Kubota’s stringent specifications and prolong the life of the engine. Designed for use in both Diesel and Spark Ignited engines, Genuine Kubota Oil meets the highest API service categories for modern, low-emission diesel engines.
Kubota always recommends using Genuine Kubota Filters on every Kubota engine. Genuine Kubota Filters are designed to specifically work on Kubota Engines and offer high efficiency filtration with synthetic fibers. Every Genuine Kubota Oil Filter contains an internal filter element designed to last the life of the filter and a sealing gasket designed for the harshest of conditions.
Kubota always recommends using Genuine Kubota Parts to maximize the life of the engine and keep it running longer. KEA offers many choices to keep it Kubota. One of many choices offered are Genuine Remanufactured Kubota Alternators and Starters. KEA offers over 30 different choices of Alternators and Starters to choose from. Customers can choose either an OE New or Remanufactured Kubota Alternator or Starter. Every New OE Alternator or Starter is the same one used at the factory. All remanufactured parts are manufactured and tested to meet the same Kubota standards as a new OE part and carry the same as new warranty. ■
Refer to www.kubotaengine.com for further details and to find an Authorized Kubota Industrial Engine Distributor.


When setting up a construction site, choosing the correct lighting is crucial to ensure a safe, well-lit work space. Larson Electronics’ lights and lighting equipment are built to withstand the rigors of harsh outdoor work environments and provide maximum lighting.
We design for rough handling and abuse that would cause ordinary work lights to fail prematurely and use powerful LEDs for a bright work environment, so you can get the job done even when there is not enough natural light.
We offer a wide variety of heavy-duty lighting options, including telescoping light towers with generators, light masts on trailers, portable lighting, task lights, magnetic lights, solar powered light towers, quad-pods, and power distribution systems. Many of which can be customized to fit the customer’s specific needs.
Large-scale lighting includes the WCDE-4-8KW-4X300W-LED that is a mobile light tower powered by a water-cooled diesel engine. This unit will power four 300 watt LED light heads continuously without refueling for 60 hours. The four light heads produce a combined 118,320 lumens capable of illuminating 4 to 6 acres and a telescoping light mast allows for 30 feet of elevation. This self-contained towable light tower package is ideal for emergency services, large scale event illumination, construction, mining, industrial operations, and anywhere an extended operation capable lighting solution is needed.
For smaller scale, easily portable lighting, our EPLCD-48-2L-LED is a dolly cart style LED light fixture. This light can be wheeled where needed and either kept in the upright position or lay it flat then pushed underneath the target for exceptional lighting coverage. This fixture comes equipped with two of our specially designed LED T-series bulbs that not only produce brighter light than standard T8 fixtures, but also has over twice the service life. Each 28 watt lamp produces 3,360 lumens for a combined 6,720 lumen total light output.
Power distribution from Larson Electronics converts one type of voltage to another type of voltage, while enabling operators to power a variety of devices from multiple receptacles. We offer several pre-configured substations. Many times, however, these temporary power distribution substations are built to the customer’s specifications.
One of our most popular power distribution systems is the MGL7-480-2X120V which transforms 480V 3 phase to single phase 120V AC and 240V AC 60Hz. This power distribution system provides operators with the ability to safely tap into and distribute 480V AC power from sources like generators and direct power grid. It’s on a dolly cart-style systems, so operators can tip it back, roll it where needed and connect primary power.
While we do continue to support our line of metal halide lighting, most of our focus is on LED lighting. The solid state design, cool running operation, and extremely long operation life are just some of the many beneficial attributes provided by LEDs. They offer low power requirements and high durability, making LEDs a superior lighting solution for demanding applications where power and reliability is critical.
At Larson Electronics, we like the challenge of creating new lighting configurations. With 40-plus years of manufacturing experience, Larson Electronics has an extensive knowledge of how to quickly develop new lighting solutions that will fit our customer’s specific lighting needs and requirements. Supporting the continued development of new products for customers, we can provide lighting layouts and 3D models of the lights themselves. Please, give us a call or send us an email to discuss any special requirements or needs.
Since 1973 Larson Electronics has designed and manufactured industrial lighting and power distribution products. We pride ourselves on providing the latest and greatest in lighting designs to help enhance performance, efficiency, and longevity. We offer a wide variety of powerful and energy efficient lighting solutions. Browse our collection of products and information at www.larsonelectronics.com to learn more about us and how we can help you find lighting solutions for all your heavy-duty lighting needs. ■


For 35 years, Link® has been committed to engineering heavy-duty truck suspensions that raise the bar for performance, installation efficiency, and overall driver well-being. This devotion started with one truck driver searching for a better ride. The result of his endeavor was Cabmate®, a revolutionary cab air suspension system. Today, Link is the standard bearer for premium cab suspensions and supplies more cab suspensions to OEMs than anyone else in the world.
But this innovation didn’t stop with cab suspensions. Link engineers and manufactures suspensions and ride solutions aimed at both highway and off-road construction and vocational applications.
Link’s line of vocational suspensions is anchored by the Air Link® tandem drive suspension. The Air Link is a unique combination of air spring and walking beam technology, delivering everything you demand in a heavy-duty suspension. The high roll stability and smooth ride exceed industry requirements for vocational suspension applications and has been proven to lower operating and maintenance costs. More importantly, it reduces the bone-jarring ride when the vehicle is empty.
Originally developed to meet the demands of the logging industry, Air Link is the only air spring suspension designed specifically for the builders and manufacturers of heavy-haul, redi-mix, cranes, logging, refuse, fire and rescue, and other severe service on/off highway vehicles, and is available for 46,000 to 90,000 lb. capacities.
Link also offers a full line of Lift Axles to meet payload requirements. Our Self-Steer and Non-Steer options are available from 8K to 20K. Whether for tractors, trailers, dump, crane, refuse, mixer, or heavy-haul applications, Link Lift Axles are designed, tested, and manufactured with the performance and durability you need to handle the most demanding applications. And, our short lead times and patented mounting system cut installation time by more than 25 percent. That means less downtime and greater profitability.
By combining our specialty-suspension knowledge with a customer-first philosophy, Link provides the best solutions for our vocational truck partners. From product development and custom applications to technical assistance and more than 99 percent on-time delivery, our integrity is our pledge to customers and is highlighted in our tag line: Your Trust…Our Passion! ■


Maddock Construction Equipment, LLC designs, manufactures, and sells mobile construction equipment and attachments. Four of our products have received “Best New Product of the Year” awards from national trade publications.
Our products are sold to contractors and governmental agencies responsible for the maintenance and rehabilitation of roadways. Customers use our products to increase productivity and reduce costs in maintenance operations. Our facility is located in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana, USA.
Products include, but not limited to:

  • Milling attachments for excavators and backhoes
  • Milling attachments for motor graders
  • Ditching and shoulder maintenance equipment

We’d love to hear from you, so please contact us in the way that’s best for you. ■
Phone: 812.349.3000 • Fax: 812.349.4015
Email Dave Maddock: dmaddock@maddockcorp.com
For Sales Information: sales@maddockcorp.com


Mag-Lok Tools, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas-based business dedicated to producing the highest quality manufactured tools in the long handle tool industry. Its patented technology allows Mag-Lok Tools an advantage that no other long handle tool can offer. Specifically designed and built to last with its patented Mag-LokGrip connector, all Mag-Lok Tools and their respective components are interchangeable AND replaceable. We DO NOT sell throw-away tools!
If ANY part, from our D-Grip handle to the actual tool head breaks, we will replace it no questions asked with our industry-first FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY. That’s right, just take a pic, email it to us, and a replacement is on the way to you within 48 hours.
The Mag-Lok tool system streamlines the jobsite by equipping utility company personnel, road crews, landscaping professionals, construction workers, and fire fighters with the handle they need (PVC-covered steel or fiberglass) coupled with the job-specific tool heads. Offering more than 60 tool heads, Mag-Lok provides a lifetime guarantee on all its handles and tool heads including: 14 gauge closed back shovels, rakes, trenchers, drain spades, scrapers, brooms, tampers, edgers, utility rakes, and asphalt lutes. ■


Mi-T-M customers are increasingly interested in pressure washers that are portable, lightweight, and small in size. Mi-T-M addressed these trends by specifically designing a full line of cold water pressure washers with aluminum frames to meet their needs. One of our most popular cold water pressure washers in the marketplace is Mi-T-M’s CBA Aluminum Series—providing contractors and homeowners a unit with an aluminum frame that is lightweight yet rugged, featuring our patented vibration isolation plate.
Pressure washer accessories are becoming more popular to customers. We have introduced several new accessories, such as rotary surface cleaners, detergent injectors, extension wands, and rotating nozzles. The wide variety of accessories ensures our customers their cleaning tasks will be completed with the best results possible when using the right accessory.
This popular Mi-T-M 3500 psi cold water pressure washer is lightweight, yet features the rugged 389cc Honda engine.
Looking ahead, Mi-T-M expects to focus on customers’ application needs, pressure washer design, and functionality by using existing technology with customer feedback to develop and test new products.
We continue to receive requests from customers for units with a higher psi and hot water pressure washers. Because of advanced technology, Mi-T-M is able to offer customers increased psi on pumps, allowing them to clean more efficiently and effectively. By utilizing our single and dual axle water trailers paired with hot water pressure washers, customers can clean their equipment at remote jobsites.
Mi-T-M continues to develop and test new products, keeping the contractor industry in mind as it strives to provide customers with the performance, the product, and the customer service they expect from a leading manufacturer in industrial equipment. For more, call 800.553.9053, or visit www.mitm.com. ■


Called the “perfect tool” for various types of road, bridge, and tunnel work, the award winning Mobile Barriers MBT-1 is receiving increasing accolades for improving worker safety and efficiency, while also helping to improve the safety and mobility of passing traffic in and around temporary work zones.
With 5-foot-high walls and integrated power, lighting, signage, and TMA, the barrier can be driven to site with no special setup. The barrier’s storage areas and surface decks can be used to carry tools, equipment, materials, and supplies to and from the jobsite. 30-foot cranes and scissor lifts are two of the newer options which can be added to assist crews.
The MBT-1 has proven particularly efficient for various types of work where protection has not traditionally been practical and where setup/breakdown has sometimes taken longer than the work itself. In some instances, crews are doing in one night what had otherwise taken three to five.
In the DC area, crews have cut the time for certain types of ongoing work by 66 percent, with better response times and productivity. In Colorado, crews have replaced 42 sticks of guardrail in the time it normally takes to do 6 to 8 (one night). On Staten Island, they replaced bridge rail in half the anticipated time. In each case, the barrier is simply driven to site, and from site to site, as needed.
These and other projects such as chip seal, pothole repairs, slab replacement, ITS installations, and maintenance, as well as bridge and tunnel work (bridge joint, bridge deck, tunnel maintenance and repairs), often involve discrete work areas and multiple locations in a given day or night. For such work, the barrier is particularly useful … and what has been called “cheap insurance.”
The barrier has stopped a direct rear impact without damage (only the TMA needed be replaced). On two occasions, the MBT-1 has turned and safely redirected semi trucks with only nominal damage (pictures on the MBT-1 website).  ■


Motor Components has designed the next generation FACET Diesel Lift fuel pump and Priming fuel pump for Tier 4 diesel engines and common rail diesel systems. These fuel pumps are designed for original equipment installation, allowing engineers flexibility in their fuel system designs.
While many engine manufacturers are hard at work designing new engines to meet the Tier 4 requirements, Motor Components has also invested in the development of their new diesel lift/priming pump. Motor Components recognized the need for a fuel pump with higher pressure and flow rate at working pressure which is required on many Tier 4 engines and common rail systems with a MTBF of 8,000 to 10,000 hours. The diesel fuel pump must also be compatible with biodiesel, and fuel additives that are common in today’s diesel fuels around the world. Our design engineers have incorporated state-of-the-art technology with tried and proven pump designs to develop Motor Components Facet “New Generation Fuel Pump.” This new family of pumps will be offered in the Cube Solid State and DURA-LIFT Solid State models. Facet fuel pumps have more than 65 years of proven performance and set the industry standard for high-quality, made-in-the-USA product. Our target customer for these fuel pump are Tier 4 diesel engine manufacture and equipment manufactures in markets such as ag, industrial, gen-set, marine, and so on.
One important issue faced was the overall size of this pump, keeping in mind that there will be minimal space in the engine compartment. We decided to design around our Cube Solid State and DURA-LIFT Solid State pumps to ensure maximum performance in the smallest possible package. The new design incorporates the highest quality electronics with stainless steel internal components to meet the Tier 4 common rail requirements. Facet’s hard working solenoid diesel fuel pumps have a higher flow rate at working pressure, which is necessary for the new common rail systems. The patent pending design meets the material requirements placed on today’s fuel systems by the injection systems.
Motor Components has also placed fuel filtration high on the priority list and offers the DURA-Lift style pump with a 80 micron stainless steel fuel filter with a clear filter bowl that allows visible inspection of the fuel and filter as well as easy serviceability. We offer two options for the Cube style pump filters. The filters are installed to the pump’s in-let fitting which allows protection for the pump and can also be serviced easily. These filters are designed for the Facet fuel pumps and are very good options as the pre-filter in today’s extremely clean fuel requirements.
Many manufactures are looking for the highest quality products at the lowest possible price and Motor Components, Facet fuel pumps meet and exceed this expectation.
All Facet lift/priming fuel pumps are engineered and manufactured by Motor Components LLC, an ISO9001:2008 facility. For design and engineering information contact Paul Puleo, national sales manager, 607.737.8371; email: p.puleo@facet-purolator.com. ■


JLin Corporation DBA Multivibe has been serving the concrete industry with quality products since 2000. Based on a construction background, Multivibe has become a leader in creation of new and innovative equipment for the concrete contractor.
The most recent addition to the Multivibe brand is the PT300 Power Tamp. This equipment is fast becoming the most wanted product for those contractors who specialize in stamped concrete. Creating a quality job with less worker fatigue, the PT300 Power Tamp is also very economical. Whether it’s textured skins, pavers, or cobblestone, this equipment should be your next purchase.
Multivibe also offers roller screeds. This is the equipment of choice for placing pervious concrete. The Multivibe line includes three gas-powered and one electric roller screed for jobs up to 30 feet in width. Complete pervious packages are available, which include the roller tubes (4 inch and 6 inch) and cross compaction roller and grooving roller. Multivibe welcomes special custom requests for specific job requirements.
Multivibe leads the industry with the two-handled, gas-powered vibratory screed. The Power Rod 100 is lightweight, easy to use, and will vibrate a 20-foot screed bar. Attaching two Power Rod 100 machines to a 24-foot screed bar allows the contractor to wet screed a very large area in less time, with less labor, and achieve a high-quality job at a very reasonable price. Two styles of screed bars are available and NO tools are required for assembly. An electric model is available for those jobs not permitting the use of gas-powered equipment.
The Hummer line of wall vibrators has both shoulder strap and harness options. Both 1-inch and 2-inch vibrator heads are available, as well as rubber coated. For extended reach, the Hummer Fishing Pole Vibrator is a preferred choice.
Look to Multivibe for all your concrete equipment needs. Whether the job is only a small backyard project or a multimillion dollar venture, Multivibe can provide the best equipment at the best price for your job requirements. Call 877.220.6652, or visit www.multivibe.com. ■



More than 25 years ago, the attachment business was in its infancy with little focus being given to various tools that could be used with heavy machinery. It was this need that Scott Guimond, president of National Attachments Incorporated, identified when he created the company.
“I knew that the demand was there, and I felt that if I focused 100 percent of my attention to the attachments industry, there was endless potential,” Guimond says. “I immediately went to work creating alliances with manufacturers that I felt I could do a good job representing.”
The first of these was NYE Manufacturing, well known in Canada for building some of the most rugged construction equipment attachments. Guimond brought the extreme service product offering of NYE to the United States. Now, National Attachments has grown to represent more than 100 manufacturers of quality attachments from all over the world.
National Attachments specializes in the distribution and sales of machine attachments for the construction, demolition, forestry, recycling, scrap, pipeline, utility, and aggregate industries; serving private, municipal, and government sectors, both domestic and abroad.
The focus at National Attachments is to assist customers in finding the right tool for the right application. Representing manufacturers who produce nearly every heavy-equipment attachment and accessory imaginable, they view the attachment market as a full-time effort rather than as a sideline to equipment sales. With this focus and wide range of available products, they have the knowledge and expertise to provide the best product for each specific application.
According to Guimond, “National Attachments prides itself on its personal relationships with customers. Many of our customers today are the same people that helped us get started 25 years ago, and for that we are very grateful.” ■



As the premier provider of Risk Management for the heavy construction industry, we leverage reasonable and sound underwriting, customized severity (shock) team, a best in the industry adjudications team, and superior loss control services. NBIS provides complete coverage (Commercial GL, Auto, Inland Marine, Workers’ Compensation, Excess, and Umbrella) for the following industries: Crane & Rigging, Specialized Transportation, Concrete Pumping, & Equipment Dealer.
As a hybrid, full-service provider in the administration of customer construction and related transport insurance programs, NBIS delivers 100 percent of the core functions of a specialty insurance company to agents/brokers and insured customers. Working in partnerships with “A” rated carrier partners, NBIS delivers multi-line program underwriting, policy issuance, reinsurance support, claims adjusting, on-site claims investigation, and risk management for control evaluations and premium audit services.
NationsBuilders Insurance Services partners with markets to develop programs for the Heavy Construction Industry. Through our special relationships with producers, affinity groups, and policy holders, we partner with insurance carriers in customizing responsive risk management programs.
For NBIS, loss control is paramount to profitability. Our loss control services include: a Risk Management Support System Kit, contract analysis, and recommendations for all insured business contracts to ensure optimum risk transfer and jurisdictionally appropriate indemnification wording, provisions in the policy that trigger deductible credits for preferred contract language at the time of loss, regional seminars in industry best practices, and monthly articles in industry publications. NBIS risk management team members sit on two industry consensus ANSI standards committees focused on the heavy construction and transport industries.
NBIS is ready to support insureds’ proactively with real Risk Management solutions, standing by your side in the event of a claim. We are where you are, call NBIS today to Experience the Difference™. ■
Call 866.668.NBIS, or visit www.nbis.com to learn more.


NoteVault provides a simple, yet efficient software solution that connects the “boots-on-the-ground” superintendents to the back-office, making it easy to create daily project reports and track every detail. This means that closing the books on a construction project doesn’t need to be weighed down with the hassle of years of claims.
Our service is used throughout the United States and internationally by construction and construction management companies of all sizes, including many of the largest in the industry, such as Hunt, McCarthy, Burns & McDonnell, URS, and CH2MHill, to name a few.
NoteVault is leading the field in daily project reports due to the simplicity it gives superintendents to speak their notes directly into any cellular phone, iPad, or Android device and will capture recordings without live cellular service. The user calls a project-specific telephone number, and adds photos or other files as needed.
By generating one collaborative report that includes notes from all parties working on the project, NoteVault saves project supervisors hours of time as they no longer have to chase down reports from anyone on the team.
NoteVault maintains an encrypted text file and the original audio file for 10 years utilizing a secure cloud-based storage. The audio file preserves a voiceprint specific to the person speaking, which retains their original voice note and solidifies protection in the event of litigation.
Some significant features of NoteVault Reporting include: time and date stamped daily reports with the retention of audio files; unlimited photos and videos tagged to individual notes; the “AlertMe!” application which administers time-sensitive notifications, such as safety incidents by automatically alerting all designated recipients on the project; Keyword Notification, which allows you to specify certain words that, when included in a note, will trigger an email notification to you (and whoever else you want) within seconds of the note being transcribed; and templates for detailed labor, equipment, and materials reports.
In a nutshell, NoteVault increases project transparency where and when it is needed.
NoteVault provides customer data integrated into their existing software systems, such as ConstructWare, CMiC, Prolog, Evernote, Box, and SharePoint.
Integration with CMiC, a software solutions provider for the construction industry, reduces duplicate data entry while increasing data integrity and provides significant benefits for project managers and general contractors. This includes access to daily reports through CMiC, enabling construction companies to keep all of their information and daily reports in one place.
NoteVault’s new integration with Box is now available in Box OneCloud, an ecosystem of integrated mobile apps. The integration enables construction workers on the jobsite to record a report with NoteVault, which is then automatically filed and indexed in Box for easy accessibility, sharing, and collaboration across the entire organization.
Poor documentation is the root cause of many problems that occur on a jobsite. The NoteVault-Autodesk Constructware integration allows all the individuals involved on a project to access, manage, and distribute essential reports with ease and in less time. The technology enhancement expands both platforms’ value in helping to ensure that construction jobs run smoothly with maximum efficiency and minimal costs.
The company has been around since 2008, but recently received funding from West Partners to expand its solutions, as well as geographic focus. NoteVault is expected to grow significantly over the coming year to be the leading provider of automated daily report solutions—no matter what information is needed from the daily jobsite. Future developments will be focused around the mobile phone and providing business intelligence for construction managers. ■


Packer Brothers is a Minnesota-based, privately held manufacturer of light construction equipment. Doing business for more than a decade, Packer Brothers has become a popular brand at many rental chains and prized by major contactors. Recognized for both quality and innovation, it’s no surprise we were the proud recipients of a Most Innovative Product award at the 2014 Las Vegas World of Concrete. Other companies may be sending more and more of their manufacturing offshore while Packer Brothers is proud to be bringing more back to the United States, while still providing tremendous value and “bang for the buck!” Find out more about what Packer Brothers can do for your company. ■
Call 612.414.8081 for technical questions or custom product requests, or visit www.packerbrothers.com.


The Pelsue Company has designed and manufactured high-quality equipment to improve the personnel efficiency and working conditions in various underground, confined, and outdoor areas. For more than 50 years, the company has established a continuing reputation for excellence in the production of fine American-Made products for a broad
spectrum of industries throughout the world. These industries include safety, retrieval, fall arrest, ventilation, cable placing, splicing, and maintenance, nationally and abroad. Pelsue’s job is to make your job safer and easier. We are doing this by listening to our customers and using new technologies when making new products. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, ensuring customer satisfaction is one of the differentiators that sets Pelsue apart from the rest of the pack and yields a stronger competitive advantage. ■



In the unforgiving environments of the construction world, you need to work with manufacturers that you can rely on at all times and that build the type of machines that can get the job done. So when you need reliable, durable equipment for the toughest demands, look no further than Pettibone Traverse Lift.
Founded in 1881, Pettibone products have consistently led the way with rugged designs and exceptional durability that deliver high power and low cost of operation.
Pettibone’s success is driven by a willingness to listen to customer needs, and then design innovative products that exceed their expectations. The result is a lineup of vehicles with the heaviest capacities, longest reaches, and highest lift heights available. Pettibone combines stronger axle designs with high-performance engines, maximum cab visibility, plus a full line of attachments. And all of it is backed up with one of the longest warranties in the industry.
The Pettibone equipment lineup is headlined by the Cary-Lift, a heavy-duty, rough terrain forklift that outperforms the competition by providing unsurpassed productivity, visibility, and safety.
The unique overhead lift arm design of the Cary-Lift provides the operator with full front visibility with no obstructed view when lifting, placing, or transporting loads. Unlike other forward reaching loaders, the Cary-Lift’s solid steel frame design allows it to take full loads into sharp turns without sacrificing load capacity or stability.
The Cary-Lift also features 90-degree fork tilt down, forward reach, hydraulic frame sway control, and side shift for unmatched load manipulation. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications, from fully unloading pipe from a gondola car with just one operator to maneuvering pipe and other loads around crowded stockyards.
Pettibone developed the industry’s first telescopic boom forklift, model B66, in 1972. Today, Pettibone’s telehandler lines offer the most responsive hydraulics in the industry, giving operators the utmost confidence when moving loads. Offering a dozen of the most productive machines in the industry, Pettibone provides configurations perfectly suited for every jobsite.
The Pettibone Extendo fixed pivot boom machines are available in sizes that range from 7,000 to 15,000-pound capacities, with lift heights that extend up to 67 feet with optional attachments. Extendo models are equipped with industry leading visibility, hydraulics, and a rear axle stabilization system, helping to make jobsites safer. Four-drive is a standard offering, along with two-wheel, four-wheel, and crab steering modes, and 21 inches of ground clearance.
The Pettibone Traverse series offer a sliding boom mechanism that provides 70 inches of horizontal boom travel. This capability delivers precision load placement in tight areas without having to reposition the machine itself. Operators can use this feature to safely offload at full lift height, a task that other machines can only dream to achieve.
Both models feature a single joystick control system for all boom functions, auxiliary boom tip hydraulics, and quick disconnect for attachments. Operators also enjoy a fully adjustable suspension seat and optional enclosed operator compartments with heat and air conditioning.
Another line of machines in the Pettibone family caters to the oil and gas industry, where having no road is not a problem when you’re driving an ARDCO buggy. ARDCO is the leading name in all-terrain equipment for drilling, pipeline construction, and off-road transport. ARDCO products can be found hard at work all over the world—day in, day out. Their solid construction and robust mechanical power perform in the harshest working conditions without complaint.
ARDCO’s full line of geophysical, geothermal, geotechnical, and off-road transport vehicles include customized water and fuel buggies, personnel carriers, and seismic drills. These machines enhance speed and productivity at seismic and oil and gas exploration sites while defying the elements around them.
ARDCO’s design expertise is also found in its pipe haulers and skidders, winch and utility buggies, and geophone vehicles. Work doesn’t stop when you rely on ARDCO’s flotation tires, lifts, digger derricks, and much more. ■
To see equipment that works harder and last longer, visit gopettibone.com today.


Philadelphia University’s M.S. in Construction Management is a professional degree with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to education with an unparalleled focus on sustainability. The need for construction managers is projected to increase dramatically; students who pursue a M.S. in Construction Management at PhilaU learn collaborative, innovative, problem-solving techniques from experienced industry professionals.
Graduates possess a balance of various skills that translate from the jobsite to the office, giving them an exceptional advantage to secure leadership roles in the growing, competitive field of construction management. ■
For more information, please call Philadelphia University’s Office of Graduate Admissions at 215.951.2943, or email GradAdm@PhilaU.edu.


Poseidon Barge fabricates, sells, and leases portable sectional barges to the heavy highway, bridge, and marine construction industries. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Poseidon also has distribution locations in Plain, Wisconsin; Cocoa, Florida; Wilton, New York; and Belle Chase, Louisiana. Poseidon also partners with Rasmussen Portabarge in Seattle, Washington, as a distributor for the Poseidon products. Rasmussen covers the western U.S. and Canada.
Poseidon proudly introduced the New P10, a 10-foot sectional barge in 2014. The P10 barge offers more buoyant capacity with a smaller foot print. The barge includes a patented roll form embossed top with 25,000-pounds-per-square-foot point load capacity, built-in-deck D-rings to assist in securing equipment, deck hatches, and reinforced side and end panels to resist denting due to the push knees on the tug boat hitting the barge.
Poseidon Barges also include zinc anodes on the exterior for corrosion control, a single pick lifting clevis, a patented Baril marine grade paint with higher UV protection than standard epoxy paint, and a coated interior with bio-float rust inhibitor.
In addition to the P10 line, Poseidon Barge also offers a 3’ lightweight barge, 4’ narrow barges 7’6” wide, and the standard 5’ and 7’ barges. We also have double drum winches to raise and lower the spuds, ladders, removable deck cleats, and safety railing for the barges.
Poseidon barge will be displaying at The International Work Boat Show, December 3-5 at the Ernest N Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Poseidon will be located at Booth #1202. Sales and engineering from Poseidon and Rasmussen Portabarge will be at the show to answer any questions you may have. You can find more information about the show at www.workboatshow.com.
Call 866.992.2743, or visit www.poseidonbarge.com for more information. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Flickr. ■


Regardless of whether your business takes you to isolated and remote sites, wide-open rolling farm land, or congested inner-city locations, Positioning Solutions Company (PSC) can provide you with the tools and support you need to complete your projects on time!
PSC has been providing customers with a complete solution for their Construction and Survey equipment needs, including Topcon 2D and 3D Machine Control, complete GPS solutions, Total Stations, Lasers, Estimating tools, Software, Positioning Optical Instruments, Supplies, and Accessories for 48 years. Positioning Solutions Company is committed to giving customers’ access to “Cutting-Edge Technology” as soon as it becomes available. We combine unmatched industry experience and service, along with advances in technology, to find the solution that fits YOUR individual needs.
Positioning Solutions Company, the leader in technology solutions, is proud to offer its customers access to the Drone market for aerial mapping. We represent a wide range of lightweight “Hand-Launched” aerial mapping products from SenseFly and Topcon to suit your needs. These easy-to-use UAVs are ideal for solving your most difficult jobsite issues quickly and efficiently. Covering 140 acres with 2 to 5 cm vertical accuracy, these units are ideal for stockpiles, cut/fill volumes, digital surface models, jobsite layout, and any of your surveying and engineering needs … all in less than 45 minutes! We offer complete packages, including flight software and processing software, as well as all the training and support you and your staff will need to become the expert in your area for UAVs.
This exciting new technology will change how you work forever. Working more efficiently, while taking less time on your job, means the savings go right to your bottom line! Take advantage of this incredible technology TODAY!
For more information, visit www.1psc.com, or call us today 855.289.1772.
Positioning Solutions Company is committed to customer service. We offer a complete Service and Support Group, PSC University, for training on the ever-changing technologies and products that you and your staff require, and we are the Midwest Regional Service Center for all Topcon products. With in-house service centers located in 5 states, Positioning Solutions Company’s regional service centers allow customers rapid and consistent high-quality solutions to their problems even when they are out in the field or working away from their offices. Solving these problems quickly and locally means customers can get their crews back to work and eliminate downtime costs.
Positioning Solutions Company’s mission is to be the leading distributor of equipment, software, services, and supplies to the construction, survey, and engineering industries, exceeding the expectations of our customers while providing innovative solutions and industry-leading customer service and support. ■
Unmatched Industry Experience & Quality Service
Provided at the BEST Prices …
Why Would You Go Anywhere Else?
Positioning Solutions Company has offices located in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin. For further details, contact Ed McCaffery, marketing director, at 800.343.7726.


Procore is a cloud-based construction management software application built for the construction industry professional that strives to make project management effortless, one task at a time. Procore offers a strong project management application with superior, yet easy-to-use tools for managing schedules, documents, RFIs, drawings, submittals, and more.
Fans of mobile software integration will also be happy to know that Procore’s cloud-based model allows users, including all subcontractors, to manage their project data from any standard web-browser—computers and smartphones to tablets and iPads. The software currently supports over 1,000 companies and boasts a user base of more than 500,000 users, with those numbers growing every day. ■
For a free online demo, visit www.procore.com, or call 866.477.6267 to speak with a product expert!


Pro-Tec Equipment is a leading producer and supplier of trench shoring and trench shielding equipment. The products Pro-Tec Equipment provides are produced with superior quality, safety, dependability, and durability in mind. We have continued to expand our range of equipment and services to include aluminum vertical hydraulic shores, aluminum horizontal waler shores, static aluminum trench shields, modular aluminum trench shields, steel trench shields, lightweight steel trench shields, Stone Savers (bedding material containers), Pro-Grid and ramps (remove dirt and debris from tires and vehicle underbodies), Pro-Brace (A hydraulic frame), and our industry leading Slide Rail System.
Founded in 1995, Pro-Tec Equipment quickly became an industry leader in innovation, from incorporating a four-point lifting system into all of our steel trench shields to introducing the industry to the strongest knife edge (cutting edge) and bringing forth seamless, rounded one-piece bottoms on our Stone Saver (bedding material containers). Pro-Tec Equipment has continued this theme of innovation through the years by continually adjusting and improving our products to meet the needs of our end users.
Operating three rental yards within Michigan provides Pro-Tec Equipment with a unique view of the trench shoring and trench shielding industry. Not only is Pro-Tec Equipment able to connect with end users on a producer leve, with the rental locations, Pro-Tec Equipment is able to connect on a face-to-face level. This additional level of contact has enabled Pro-Tec Equipment to produce some of the strongest, safest equipment in the industry.
With three manufacturing plants dedicated to the production of trench shoring and shielding equipment, two in Michigan and one in Texas, along with a dedicated inside and outside sales force, Pro-Tec Equipment is dedicated to providing its customers and end users with the equipment they need, how they want it. With the services of multiple in-house designers, Pro-Tec Equipment is able to assist contractors all in all phases of a project, from the initial bidding to the completion of the project. Pro-Tec Equipment is able to be side-by-side with our contractors. ■
For more information about Pro-Tec Equipment, call 800.292.1225, or visit


As the most trusted Marketplace for highly valued items, Proxibid connects buyers and sellers across 15 categories, including heavy construction equipment and commercial and industrial machinery.
Proxibid for Buyers
Buy how you want; when you want. The Proxibid platform provides numerous ways for buyers to purchase: timed auction, live auction, instant purchase, and make offer. Our selection, security, and support are second-to-none, making us the best choice when buying equipment online.
Proxibid for Sellers
Whether you’re an independent business owner, a large enterprise, or something in between, Proxibid is the best place to sell. With a network of 3,000 active sellers, the best-of-the-best sell in the Proxibid Marketplace. Our expertise spans all major classes of inventory. We’ve seen and sold it all.
Proxibid puts you in control so you can sell how you want, when you want. Our flexible platform supports five ways to sell—timed auction, live auction, instant purchase, make offer, or advertising—and makes it easy to transition from one format to another. Choose the best option for your needs and reach a buyer base with serious spending power.
The Most Trusted Marketplace
When you buy or sell on Proxibid, know our best-in-class risk management system is behind every transaction. This system is a sophisticated hybrid of proprietary technology and third-party partnerships managed by an in-house team of experts. APN, the company’s payment solution, ensures all Proxibid-powered transactions are secure, making Proxibid the safest place to transact online.
More than 12,000 sales events take place in the Proxibid Marketplace annually, and more than 10,000 new buyers join the Marketplace each month. The site is 100-percent PCI compliant, which when combined with its enterprise-level technology and infrastructure, boasts a 99.9+ percent uptime. No other online marketplace offers the selection, security, or support.
Founded in 2001, Proxibid is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, with offices in New York and London. ■
877.505.7770  •  www.proxibid.com


Marking 20 years of operation in 2014, Putzmeister America, Inc. is the North American division of one of the world’s most well-recognized and respected heavy equipment manufacturers, Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH.
Known for quality, durability, and pioneering technological innovation in the concrete placing industry, Putzmeister is a global organization with manufacturing and sales operations worldwide. The company specializes in producing concrete and material placing equipment for the construction industry.
In North America, Putzmeister includes management, sales, parts, and customer support staff at its headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Putzmeister Brazil Ltda, a subsidiary of Putzmeister America, provides new equipment, spare parts, after sales support, and operator and maintenance training, as well as refurbishment services of customer-owned equipment. Putzmeister America is committed to product quality, innovation, and service excellence—hallmarks of its parent company.
Putzmeister delivers one of the most advanced boom pump product lines in the industry. Encompassing models ranging from the world’s largest semi-trailer-mounted concrete boom pump, the 70Z-Meter, to its compact 20Z-Meter, Putzmeister has the products to meet customers’ needs. These technically advanced boom pumps are the only units on the market providing the choice of high output or high pressure. So whether operators need muscle to place concrete on top of a high-rise or to place large volumes of concrete for slab or mat pours, they can count on Putzmeister.
Only Putzmeister gives operators the choice to place concrete with a telescopic belt conveyor. Putzmeister’s line of Telebelts®, ranging from the TB 110 to the TB 200 with truck, semi-trailer, tower, and crane chassis mounting configurations, gives operators the flexibility to easily switch from placing concrete to rock, stone, gravel, or backfill. They handle concrete mixes with any size slump and materials ranging from sand to 6-inch aggregate.
Putzmeister delivers new innovations in ready-mix trucks with the introduction of our Pro Series standard and Bridge Maxx Series booster axle concrete mixers. Durable for years of reliable performance and easy to use and service, these units offer high payloads and productivity and reliable controls with redundant backups to ensure payload delivery.
Optional Ergonic® Mix Control (EMC) is fully programmable to seamlessly balance engine speed and hydraulic pump output to achieve optimum drum speed, reducing drum wear and saving fuel. Minimum and maximum drum speeds are programmable to batch plant preference. The customer selects the drum speed and EMC does the rest, eliminating guesswork.
To place concrete on high-rise structures or for industrial applications, Putzmeister placing booms and BSA high-pressure trailer pumps are the solution. Showcasing the power behind our BSA 14000 SHP-D pump, Putzmeister set a world record concrete conveying height of 1,988 feet on the Burj Kahlifa in April 2008. The company produces a line of concrete placing booms that universally connect to multiple Putzmeister tower designs and don’t require a counterweight. Putzmeister’s five-section MX 43/47 Z-Fold placing boom is the largest placing boom in the industry that does not require a counterweight.
Putzmeister’s trailer-mounted pumps are rugged, compact, and reliable. Designed for dozens of commercial, industrial, and residential pumping applications that don’t require a boom, Putzmeister’s line of Thom-Katt® units are also ideal for grout, shotcrete, and concrete applications.
Putzmeister understands that time is money in the field. Count on our 24/7 Customer Support Group to provide the parts and expertise needed to keep your projects on schedule.
We have dedicated parts and service teams assigned to serve North America, and in Latin America and the Caribbean. Each regionally dedicated service team understands the unique equipment needs relative to the local conditions in which the customer operates. ■


Since 1982, RAMROD Equipment has been a pioneer of Mini Skid Loaders and attachments for the landscaping, turf, light industrial, mining, and small farm industries. Today, RAMROD is proud to showcase its newest Model—RAMROD Heavy Duty 1330 PRO Series. The RAMROD Model 1330 features several key characteristics that place it above and beyond the capabilities of other compact utility loaders. Its patent “High Torque” hydraulic drive systems provide 1,450 lbs. of tractive power, resulting in a greater lift capacity of up to 2,600 lbs.
RAMROD’s award winning self-leveling loader arms increase safety and material handling efficiency by eliminating the loss of material during the lifting process. Customers have the choice of 9” OR 6” TRACK package with an overall width of 42” and 36”, respectively. This narrow width model is designed to maneuver in tight areas such as barns, backyards, underground mines, plant nurseries, basements, and much more! ■


Redi Haul Trailers has established a reputation for quality trailer manufacturing since 1969. From skid loader trailers to industrial pintle hitch trailers, Redi Haul distributes its trailers throughout the United States with its nationwide dealer network that is strategically placed to service customers well. When you work with Redi Haul, you are working with the owner.
Employee owned, each trailer is built by employees who have a stake in the integrity, quality, and workmanship of that trailer. They strive to provide quality built products to customers 100 percent of the time and to exceed the customers’ expectations.
The skid loader line of trailers provides the construction, rental, and landscape markets with trailers from 12 ft to 16 ft and load capacities of 7,790 lbs. to 19,000 lbs. The industrial line features tandem dual wheel and 2 or 3 axle single wheel trailers with a 3-position adjustable height pintle hitch. Models are available from 16 ft to 32 ft with load capacities up to 49,400 lbs. to carry heavy construction and agricultural equipment. Dual wheel tilt bed trailers round out the industrial line. Two options available: 20 ft full tilt and the 24 ft, which has a 20 ft tilt and a 4 ft stationary deck.
Redi Haul continues to offer product specific trailers for the varied industries. Cable reel trailers and horizontal drill trailers provide transport for difficult to haul utility equipment. The hydraulic dump trailer is essential in the landscape, agriculture, and construction markets.
The trailers are offered with a gooseneck hitch or pintle eye option. Auto transport and smaller utility trailers are also available.
From start to finish, plus after the trailer is in the hands of the user, the customer service department is able to help with any problem that may occur with your Redi Haul Trailer. All trailers are backed by a 2-Year Structural Warranty.
Redi Haul Trailers has been located in Fairmont, Minnesota, and celebrates 45 years of trailer manufacturing. For more information on its complete line of trailers, visit www.redihaul.com, or call sales or service with any questions at 800.533.0382. ■


Rome Plow was founded in 1932 by Tom Mullen and his partner, Jack Lemann. Mr. Mullen, the Caterpillar dealer for Honduras in Central America, found a need for high-quality tillage implements to be used in conjunction with Caterpillar tractors. To satisfy this need, Lemann and Mullen purchased the Towers and Sullivan Plow Company of Rome, Georgia. Towers and Sullivan Plow Company was established in 1877, and already had a strong name in the implement industry. The company was moved from Rome to Cedartown in 1934 where it has continually expanded its facilities and product line.
Rome Plow has long recognized and appreciated the major contribution of its employees. The old-fashioned ideas of teamwork, family hiring practices, and an “open door policy” were established a half-century ago. Those principles continue to guide the company as it enters with confidence its second century.
In March of 2010, Rome Plow was purchased by Danny and Brenda Dumey of Oran, Missouri. Danny and Brenda have successfully started several businesses, including Dumey Contracting, Brenda Kay Construction, Brenda Kay Sand, and Double D Manufacturing.
Since the Dumey’s purchased Rome, the focus has been shifted on designing new equipment to work with the higher horsepower tractors that are being produced today. Currently, there are very few implements that can harness the full potential of today’s tractors.
The ROME brand name has always been associated with heavy-duty construction and agricultural implements. Today, you can find ROME equipment in more than 100 countries around the world, and that number is growing every day.  ■
For more information on any ROME products, call 770.748.4450, or visit www.romeplow.com.


Sensera Systems has made web-based site monitoring affordable for projects of any size. Sensera Systems offers solar powered WiFi/cellular cameras that can be deployed in 20 minutes. Our MultiSense Cloud Service allows you to monitor your site from any PC or mobile device worldwide.
“Leading construction project managers told us that they found jobsite cameras to be a valuable tool for marketing, documenting the project, and managing stakeholders, vendors, quality, and safety. But they also told us that existing solutions are expensive and difficult to use,” says David Gaw, president of Sensera Systems. “We developed the MC-30 to address these key limitations and make site cameras affordable and simple to use for projects of any size. Customers are telling us that the MC-30 hits the mark and shows just how simple and affordable professional site cameras can be”. ■
For more information, call 800.657.0437, email sales@senserasystems.com,
or visit www.senserasystems.com.



Spin Screed has just developed and made available to contractors a screed support system that reduces the fill volume by 85 percent when compared with a pipe screed. The new flat bar screed support system uses a plastic chair set on top of rebar driven to the proper grade. Instead of the contractor screeding off the top of a pipe, they screed off of the top of a flat bar. After the bar is removed, the small void left in the concrete is easily filled by simply bull floating the area. There is no need to fill and this produces a fast and flat surface every time. A video of this new screed support system is available on the Spin Screed website: www.spinscreed.com.
Thirteen years ago, Joe Churchill, an experienced concrete contractor, developer, and builder, invented the first light-weight roller screed to serve the needs of his own construction business. He called the roller screed the Spin Screed and trademarked the name after becoming convinced that the Spin Screed he had just invented was better than any screed on the market. After 13 years of production and steady growth, the Spin Screed can be found on some of the biggest projects in North America and 16 countries around the world.
Big name contractors like Kiewit, Flatiron, TIC, and others, as well as countless small contractors, have discovered the benefits of the Spin Screed and put it to work on their jobs. The Spin Screed has been chosen to work on some of the biggest construction projects in North America, including the widest suspension bridge in the world and the world’s longest floating bridge.
Put the Spin Screed to work on your job and begin to reap the benefits of this amazing screed. ■



Starlite Leasing, Inc. has been a family owned, concrete construction leasing company since 1994 and is committed to serving residential poured wall companies like yours in nearly all 50 states. We specialize in aluminum concrete forms, fillers, form baskets, boom truck, concrete pumps, stone slinger, and more. We also sell used forms by the complete set or individually. We also offer form rental by the week. We have a quick one-page credit application with fast approvals. ■
Contact John Harle at 317.201.8229 for a quote, or visit www.starliteleasing.net to view our inventory and terms.


You would be hard-pressed to find a Towmaster trailer owner who didn’t like their Towmaster. For more than 30 years, Towmaster has earned a reputation for a product that garners top-tier respect, admiration, and longevity.
Towmaster started building equipment and utility trailers in the late 1970’s. They started with a couple models in a few hauling capacities, but soon grew to build more and more styles. As construction equipment evolved, so did Towmaster trailers.
Today, Towmaster builds over a dozen trailer types in over 16 hauling capacities for around 65 models, combined. Each model can be configured with several options for a near limitless amount of customization to suit the customer’s hauling needs. Towmaster’s build quality lends itself to one of the safest hauling trailers on the road. With their Limited Lifetime Frame Warranty, customers are assured of a trailer that will last a long, long time, giving them a great return on their investment.
Towmaster is a Minnesota-based company located in a small city named Litchfield. While Litchfield is home to several metal manufacturers, including a division of Doosan and Custom Products, Towmaster is one of the largest, employing over 160 skilled people. The trailers are manufactured from start to finish right in the factory headquarters.
Not only does Towmaster produce trailers, they also design and build truck bodies found on hundreds of Minnesota plow trucks and contractor trucks throughout the state. Over 150 trucks a year have been produced and sold through Towmaster since 2009. With a well-earned respect in the plow truck community, Towmaster delivers quality.
Towmaster’s focus on the construction and rental markets for trailers, along with road maintenance for trucks, have allowed them to become better and stronger in the marketplace. For this reason, a Towmaster brand product has a higher resale value than most others. Towmaster trailers are sold through a network of construction equipment dealers throughout the United States and Canada. ■


For more than 40 years, Trinity Highway and its brands, Energy Absorption, Safe-Hit, and Yodock, have been leading innovators of solutions for both domestic and international roadways. The product lines feature several proprietary products, including guardrail, cable barrier, crash cushions, truck and trailer mounted attenuators, steel and water filled barrier, sign supports, flexible delineators, and other solutions for the roadway. Trinity Highway offers a full line of contractor-friendly systems that are efficient, as well as economical.
Trinity Highway offers a wide variety of Truck and Trailer Mounted Attenuators for use on stationary or moving shadow vehicles. Two contractor favorites are:
The MPS 350®X is a galvanized, cantilevered truck-mounted attenuator. The compact TMA has passed all mandatory and optional testing, and is NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3 compliant. It has also passed the British high speed standard TD 49. The unit is made of galvanized steel components with an open design, which allows for easy inspection and maintenance, and less wind resistance when travelling in the upright position. The heavy-duty Durashell® strike plate cover provides nuisance hit protection, and a warning buzzer alerts crews when the unit is not fully deployed or in the upright position. When impacted according to NCHRP Report 350 testing criteria, the unit’s debris field is contained and easy to clean up.
The Vorteq® is a galvanized, trailer-mounted attenuator. The lightweight TMA has passed all mandatory and optional testing, and is NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3 compliant. It also meets the UK requirements for Lorry Mounted Crash Cushions at the highest velocity level of 110 km/h. The trailer unit is comprised of a lightweight tube-in-tube rail frame and a wheel/axle assembly. When impacted according to NCHRP Report 350 standards, the energy absorbing frame rails are curled inward, reducing debris scatter and hazards to other traffic and personnel in the work zone. After impact, the unit’s wheels and axle stay connected and functional, thus allowing the damaged unit to be driven away without additional equipment or special tow vehicles.
The Vulcan® Family offers contractors numerous steel barrier options with one common component:
The Vulcan® is a portable steel longitudinal barrier made of lightweight, galvanized steel segments. It is NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3 and 4 and EN 1317 H2 and N2 compliant as a longitudinal, redirecting barrier. The barrier can be used in permanent and work zone applications with a variety of end treatments such as the QuadGuard®, TRACC®, Quest®, or ACZ 350®. Vertical steel pivot pins interlink each module, allowing the system to follow curves of up to 6 degrees per segment. The lightweight and stackable design allows up to 160 meters of Vulcan to be transported on one truck, offering huge transport savings when compared to traditional concrete barriers.
The Vulcan® Moveable Barrier is easily moved and repositioned using the Vulcan Transfer Attachment (VTA). The affordable VTA, attached to a skid steer or front end loader, enables an operator to reposition 1 mile of Vulcan Barrier, 1-lane width, in approximately 20 minutes from either side of the barrier. The Vulcan Moveable Barrier and the VTA are perfect for work zones that require frequent reconfigurations and lane changes.
The Vulcan® Gate is designed to facilitate access through runs of permanent and temporary longitudinal barrier. The system consists of two steel transitions, two hinges, and at least one section of Vulcan barrier equipped with wheels and jacks. The Vulcan Gate can be manually opened in approximately 1 minute by removing several pins, deploying casters, and pushing the Vulcan modules to the desired location. The Vulcan Gate is NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 2 and 3 compliant as a longitudinal, redirecting barrier.
The Yodock® product line features several options when barricades are needed:
Yodock® offers a full line of innovative traffic control products centered on the patented ballast-able water and sand fillable barricades. Made in the USA of heavy-duty polyethylene, Yodock barricades can be accessorized to meet a variety of traffic control product categories. Whether faced with traffic control, airport construction, crowd control, or general construction needs, Yodock has the solution for your project. ■



Headquartered in Matawan, New Jersey, US Radar Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of surface-penetrating radar systems, also known as ground-penetrating radar (GPR). Most recently, the company introduced the Quantum Imager™, the world’s first GPR system to use triple-frequency radar technology for locating and imaging objects at greater depths and with higher resolution than competitive single- or dual-frequency systems.
The Quantum Imager excels in a wide variety of applications, from bridge deck analysis to locating and imaging utilities at depths up to 30 feet—twice the depth limit of dual-frequency systems and three times that of single-frequency units. The company has filed U.S. and international patent applications for technology in the Quantum Imager that applies ultra-wideband pulses, combining the advantages of pulse radar and stepped frequency radar.
The Quantum Imager is one of several “all in one” models from US Radar that integrate GPR technology with a tablet computer in a walk-behind cart, enabling the operator to view the radar imagery and run a variety of software applications such as GPS, 3D imaging, Google Earth integration, and report generation. US Radar also manufactures a variety of modular GPR systems that offer an array of customizable configurations.
The Seeker SPR acquisition software is included as a standard component of each system. Geared toward the quick and easy location of a multitude of targets, the Seeker software provides a clear, crisp graphical display of data in a user-friendly format, featuring vibrant colors to simplify recognition of those targets and features. The software automatically applies filters as required, creating data that is easily interpreted. Data is displayed in real time and may be recorded for further analysis or processing.
US Radar performs quality inspection on circuit boards for its new ground-penetrating radar units.
Ron LaBarca, president of USRadar, says, “At a time when many manufacturers are offshoring production, we’re not only adding capacity here in the States but expanding our lineup. In the coming months, we will be putting GPR within reach for even more users.”
Today, GPR systems are employed in public utilities, construction, environmental services, geology, archeology, humanitarian services, and law enforcement.
US Radar celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. The company was founded to promote and commercialize the SPRscan surface-penetrating radar technology that a British company, ERA Technology, developed in the 1980s to assist in detecting buried explosives. Initial commercial versions of the technology were developed in 1990, incorporating improvements that made it more user-friendly to the private sector and accessible to the masses.
US Radar was formed in 1994 as the ERA Technology sales and marketing partner for the Americas. In 2002, US Radar acquired the SPRscan and GPR manufacturing and engineering division, including worldwide customer marketing, support, and service from ERA Technology. Since then, US Radar has made numerous product and software upgrades and continues to strive toward excellence in technological advancement, product support, and application satisfaction from its worldwide customer base.
In addition to manufacturing and selling GPR systems, US Radar also provides training to its customers. In less than one day of training, a new operator learns the principles and theory of GPR, data analysis, and basic system operations and settings. The operator then spends a few hours practicing in the field on actual equipment. Training options include introductory and advanced courses in classroom, web-based, and on-site training modules. For more information, visit www.usradar.com. ■
Quantum Imager is a trademark of US Radar Inc.


In 1972, Vanair pioneered the Power Take-Off (PTO) Rotary Screw Technology. More than 40 years later, Vanair has been the industry’s Mobile Power Expert. Today, it is the industry’s largest manufacturer of powerful, lightweight, and compact vehicle-mounted air compressors, generators, welders, battery boosters, Air N Arc® All–In-One Power Systems®, as well as underdeck work truck solutions in the world.
Vanair’s in-house engineering staff continues to develop customized products that help build roads, install utilities and telecommunications, move freight, repair vehicles, put out fires, protect our troops, and countless other occupations. Their experience and expertise allows them to work with you to engineer a solution to meet your “Power to Go” requirements, specifications, and needs.
Vanair’s commitment and dedication to customer satisfaction through superior products and service has led them on a path of continuous growth and into new markets and applications. ■
For more information, email marketing@vanair.com,
or call 800.526.8817.


With a long-standing focus on the issues and challenges facing contractors, Viewpoint Construction Software® has carved out a unique position in the construction management software marketplace. Instead of pointing our resources towards the development of generic business solutions, we have focused our attention on solving the unique needs of construction professionals.
By working closely with our customers to gain the specific insights we need to address industry pain points, we’re creating products that are built to scale with our customers’ businesses, yet not force them to invest in infrastructure that outpaces their current needs.
And most importantly, we’re building a software platform as rock-solid as the foundations our customers build their roads, bridges, and buildings upon. From our innovative construction management software solutions to our Viewpoint Cloud Computing platform, Viewpoint has the answer to today’s construction industry challenges.
ProContractor by Viewpoint is the industry’s only all-in-one construction software solution that brings together estimating, project management, and accounting. This single solution allows end-to-end control of the entire project lifecycle and helps contractors increase visibility and profitability, minimize risk, control costs, streamline communication and collaboration, and increase profitability.
When you want to improve visibility and profitability across your construction business, you must have ProContractor by Viewpoint, which helps you manage the entire project lifecycle from bid to cash in a single solution to collaborate easily and make decisions with confidence.
Easy Estimating
Quickly and precisely quantify, price, and bid projects for the best profit. Be competitive, save time, and win more work by using ProContractor to produce takeoffs, estimates, and proposals. Right-fit features are designed for general contractors in residential and commercial construction, for concrete and masonry contractors and other specialty trades, and for earthwork and excavating contractors.
Increase speed and accuracy using ProContractor for seamless takeoff and estimating. Use digital takeoff to eliminate cost and hassle of using paper plans and gain unmatched precision. Quickly and accurately calculate costs for labor, materials, and equipment. Submit more bids in less time with better profit margins.
Profitable Project Management
Turn on a dime with real-time information always at your fingertips. Stay on schedule and within budget for best profit by using ProContractor to streamline business processes in the office and in the field. You’ll save time, increase accuracy, and manage with timely information to stay on top of every project wherever you go.
ProContractor delivers centralized project information and job cost tracking tools so contractors can increase control and visibility into project performance, whether in the office, on the road, or at a jobsite. With a virtual binder of electronic documents, you can be confident everyone is working off the same data, deadlines, documents, and details.
Accurate Accounting
With rock-solid financial practices and reporting, you will always know true job costs, have reliable audit trails and security, and minimize risk. With all accounting applications in a seamless system, ProContractor is designed for the way contractors work to help you eliminate inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and other obstacles to reaching your optimal profitability.
Using ProContractor you gain instant access to the critical financial data you need to make sound financial decisions, control cash flow, and have data integrity for peace of mind. The comprehensive accounting solution includes applications for managing financials, employees and payroll, procurement, and inventory, as well as electronic filing and reporting.
In the Cloud
You can rely on Viewpoint and our Cloud technology to always have superior access and a worry-free IT experience! Not only do you gain a web-based desktop that hosts your ProContractor by Viewpoint application, you also get the same easy access to your other applications, such as Microsoft Office, without any downloads or plug-ins. It’s one more advantage for customers choosing to migrate to a contemporary Viewpoint solution. With a full service Cloud offering, users experience a solution that’s configured, managed, and supported by Viewpoint. ■


Wake, Inc. has established itself as the leading supplier of Wireless Concrete Maturity & Temperature Monitoring and Reporting Solutions.
Utilizing the most advanced durable Wireless Thermocouple Sensor technology, both Handheld and Remote Wireless Solutions are available, allowing for ease of collecting temperature logs in the field or while working from your office location.
Each sealed Temperature logger contains its own wireless RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip and either an internal Thermocouple or external probe with a lead available in lengths of 2 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, or 8 meters.
Take advantage of HardTrack Desktop Wireless, with the added ability of accessing your Temperature Logs remotely. ■
USA: 800.957.5606 • Canada: 647.931.6995
Email: sales@wakeinc.com


For three generations, WITZCO Challenger Trailers have been manufactured with the promise of excellence. WITZCO, named after its founders Israel and Rebecca Witzer, was created in 1938 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, under the name IR Witzer Company. It began as a simple steel workshop that produced artistic sculptures and small household items. As time progressed, with their dedication to their work, Israel and Rebecca Witzer began to construct bigger and better projects to expand their business. They soon involved their children in the family business, and in 1979, the family relocated to Sarasota, Florida, bringing the steel profession with them. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that the Witzer family decided to narrow their production to lowboy trailers. In 1997, the company changed its name to WITZCO Trailers Incorporated. Today, the third generation of this family business continues to produce the excellent work of Israel and Rebecca Witzer through the dedication of their grandsons, Sam Witzer, president, and Josh Weinstein, vice president.
The WITZCO Challenger Trailer consists of a variety of series: Removable gooseneck (either ground bearing or non-ground bearing), Rigid Neck, Drop Deck, Rolling Tailboard, Tag, and Hydraulic Tail. Popular options include: front flip ramps, articulating stinger, rear bucket well, beaver tail with hydraulic ramps, gooseneck fenders, flip axle, and many more. WITZCO is also recognized for building special, high-capacity, custom-designed trailers. Therefore, the trailers are painted to customer satisfaction either in the seven offered colors or in a custom design.
WITZCO sells to a great distributor network that encompasses the entire planet. Such distributors reside in North, Central, and South America; South Africa; Nigeria; Iceland; Russia; the Ukraine. WITZCO trailers also supports the United States Military by selling artillery tag trailers and tank retrieval trailers over the past several years. One example of the relationship between WITZCO and the United Sates Military was during the Desert Shield operations, 120 HET RN-60 trailers were built for Track vehicles.
WITZCO Trailers can offer competitive pricing for any prospective distributor. Call WITZCO Trailers for current pricing at 888.922.9900, or visit www.witzco.com. ■
Editorial by 4th generation family member, Mia Weinstein.


York Portable Machine Tools manufactures and sells a full range of line boring machines, automated bore welders, rotary milling, and linear milling machines. York’s portable tools go right to the jobsite and provide everything you need to make repairs to heavy
equipment and reduce downtime. York’s products are widely used in the mining, forestry, and ship building industries. Established in 1986, York has 40 employees in Canada and 28 factory trained distributors in 16 countries. ■
Modern Contractor Solutions, November 2014
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